Thursday, 7 May 2015

Random Thought Thursday | May 7, 2015

Favourite Stores 

Okay, I have a confession, I'm a shopaholic. The problem? Money. When you're trying to pay bills and save money for school on minimum wage with part time hours, the purse strings can be pretty tight. I have had to resort to stores with smaller price tags, which I thought would be awful, but it turns out I'm a major bargain hunting girl!

I remember the day when I had to have brand name everything. If it didn't say Hollister or Abercombie or Guess I wouldn't wear it. Oh, how things change when you're spending your own money and not your parents ha ha ha. I have started buying almost all of my clothes at two stores that I had barely heard of prior to this year.

We all get that itch to completely overhaul our current look. I experienced this itch quite recently as I decided I wanted to stop looking so "Tumblr-esque" and really bring out my feminine side -pastels, pinks, florals, etc. Like I said, money is tight at the moment, so I resorted to Google to find "cheap stores for girly clothes".

Forever 21 popped up right away. Of course I had heard of Forever 21 but I had never payed much mind to it. It has now, with out a doubt, become my favourite store for online shopping (we don't have one in my city or any where near my city). The clothes are so reasonably priced -they have their signature jeans for $9.90, their classic leggings for $6.90, and an entire list of 500 items under $5.00. The clothes are really great quality for how low priced they are. They're jeans have become my favourite over American Eagle! They also have really fast shipping with a really easy return or exchange process. Another thing I love about the online process from this store is that I don't get a charge on my credit card until I have signed for the package delivery at my door. This means that if the package gets lost in the shipping process I don't have to foot the bill for things I never received.

In store shopping will always be my favourite way of buying clothes -it's a work out right?? Lately I have been slightly obsessed with Winners. It's like walking into a thrift store but nothing is previously used. Winners is basically a department store for things not sold in stores (or something like that, I'm not 100% sure). They have everything from clothes, to bags. to beauty products, to home ware. I think part of the reason I love this store is that every time you go in there is a huge selection of new things since they get deliveries from multiple stores. I also really love that they get the brands I know are good quality but for a fraction of the price (Abercrombie, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Bench and more at really reasonable prices? Yes please!). They also have a 10 day return policy for everything in the store, regular priced or clearance, and if you get their FREE loyalty card you get 30 days for returns as well as amazing little perks!

I'm a huge believer in being yourself and if you need to overhaul your wardrobe to feel like you, then do it! You don't need to spend a fortune to look the way you want to and feel good. And remember, basics go a long way; camis, leggings, and jeans are a must! If you know of any amazing stores like these two, please do let me know so I can check them out!!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn