Thursday, 28 May 2015

Random Thought Thursday | May 28, 2015

May Favs!

As another month draws to a close (where is the time going!?), here I am with another month of favourite things. As the season is changing from winter to spring/summer, I am rediscovering old favourite things as well as finding new favourite things!


I am a big fan of Aveeno products and this moisturizer is at the top of the list for best of Aveeno in my books. I've used the daily moisturizing lotion for probably 2 years now and it has never failed to amaze me. What I love most about this one that I found is that it is SPF 15! I was so pleased to find this as I have a really difficult time finding an SPF that I don't mind wearing.
The second beauty related favourite I have is the Revlon nail enamel in 211 Charming. It is a gorgeous pastel lavender colour. I have been wearing it on my nails almost the whole month; it's the perfect colour for this time of year!
Third in the beauty category is the Essence all about nude palette. When I bought this I didn't have high expectations since it was only $4.99, but I really really actually love it! The pigmentation is great, the shadows are blendable, their longevity is great, and the colours are really nice, subtle colours but have enough pop to them to be great spring/summer eye shadows.
The last beauty related favourite I have is The Body Shop flannel. I have used flannels from The Body Shop for probably close to a year now but it is only in the last month that I have really been experiencing their full potential. Using the flannel with my makeup remover instead of a cotton pad has been so much more effective at taking off a face of makeup. I also really love to saturate the flannel with fairly hot water and just lay it on my face in the bath. I feel like I'm at a spa, the flannel doesn't make me feel suffocated like a cotton cloth would, and it opens up my pores really well!

Fashion & Accessories

I have a really hard time finding sunglasses that fit my small and oddly shaped face/head that aren't from the kids section. I found these aviator style sunglasses in Winners and they have become my favourite sunglasses I've ever owned. I think the gold frames with the dark lenses and pink arms are so cute! They're also from a brand called SuperDry which means that even when you're sweating they don't slide around or feel gross like traditional sunglasses do so they've been perfect for my outdoor workouts!
My oldie but goodie Coach cross body bag makes an appearance every summer. I love having a smaller bag that I can just sling over myself for the summer since I'm doing a lot more activities outdoors. It's got a huge pocket on the front and an identical one on the back as well on top of the main zippered pocket so it is able to fit quite a lot in it! This bag is perfect for summer festivals, art shows, parades, fairs etc.
My last fashion & accessories favourite is my mid rise classic jeans from Forever 21. No surprise at all since I've been wearing them as much as I possibly can! They are just the perfect skinny leg blue jean for every outfit and they fit me so well! They're form fitting enough to look feminine and show off my curves, but baggy enough to be casual and not show every nook and cranny of my lower body. I'm definitely repurchasing these jeans in every colour as they are only $9.90!


The first item in the random category is my Kiristin and Company 100% pure soy candle in the scent Best Friends. I got this candle from my best friend last year as a gift and after last summer I put it away as it's definitely not a warm winter scent. It has resurfaced in the month of May and I have been burning it almost non stop! It's an aromatherapy candle with a hard to describe scent. It's almost like the smell of strawberry Kool-Aid powder (which let's be honest, we all love). It's not sickly sweet which I love and the candle guarantees 100+ hours of burning time- can't be beat!
The second random item I've been loving are floral patterned pencils from Michael's. They are so adorably cute and I can't wait to be using these in class in the fall!
Tomatoes had to make the list for me. I know that's a weird item, even for a random category, but I find myself working tomatoes into my diet every day. I've been adding tomatoes to every salad, I've been roasting them for a side with chicken, I've been juicing them, I've been dicing and cooking them with spices for a lighter version of a spaghetti sauce. You name it, I've been trying it. I am on a huge tomato kick!
Lastly, I love the framed paw print we got from the pet crematorium that we took our dog to after her passing. My mom is a vet so she knows the people at the crematorium very well. They were so sweet to not only do this, but to make 3 of them -one for me, one for my brother, and one for my parents. This is the perfect way to memorialize her and to keep a piece of her in our home always. It was such a sweet gesture by my moms friends during this incredibly hard time of grief.

So that is all my favourites for this month! I hope you enjoyed them, do let me know if you love them too or if there are other things I should try for the month of June!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn