Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Why I stopped blogging.

When I started this blog I was in a gap year, trying to figure out myself and what I wanted to do with life. I love writing and I love photography so starting a blog seemed like a really fun adventure. I was writing about anything that came to mind - hair, makeup, skin care, food, exercise, and life in general. Gosh, I loved it.

My blog started to gain a small following. Brands and causes started reaching out to me for partnership posts. It was really cool getting sent trial items that I could share my honest opinion about, or work with causes I was really passionate for. 

When I moved to Ottawa and started the photography program, my life switched to fully online. All my photos were uploaded to my website, all my marketing was online, all my clients found me and contacted me online. My blog was discovered by people in my personal life and for some reason that made me indescribably uncomfortable. 

I was conscious that every post I uploaded would potentially be viewed by my friends and family. The potential for judgement was crippling.

Maybe if I didn't want my blog to be discovered I shouldn't have listed it by my name, huh? Hindsight is always 20/20. 
I've missed blogging. I find myself missing explaining my makeup routine in the morning and remembering the days I took pride in my outfits. 

I'm not promising regular posts, because I truly can't. My life is hectic and my job is unpredictable. However, I will be posting, I will be sharing, and I will be back. 

Until next time,

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Carrot Cake Breakfast Smoothie | January fourth.

When it comes to breakfast I think the easier and quicker the better, so smoothies are a great choice. A breakfast smoothie needs to be filling enough for me to get through until lunch. I created this carrot cake breakfast smoothie with some inspiration from various Pinterest posts. 
To make my carrot cake breakfast smoothie you will need:
- 1/2 cup oats
- 5 to 7 baby carrots
- 1 tbsp WowButter (or nut butter if you can have nuts)
- 1 tsp honey
- 1 tbsp Greek yogurt
- 1/3 cup milk of choice (more or less to preference)
- cinnamon to preference
I start off by grinding the oats in my blender until they are super finely milled. I then throw everything else into the blender and blend until the carrots are shredded and everything is incorporated. 
This smoothie is so delicious, high in protein thanks to the WowButter and Greek yogurt. The oats make it filling and keep me full throughout the morning and the honey gives the smoothie a nice sweetness. 

This is a go-to, staple breakfast smoothie for me. If you try it do let me know if you like it!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

January third.

I f*cking suck.

I don't know why this blog, that was once something I was so passionate about and focused on, has fallen by the way-side. 

I'm busy, but I'm not that busy. 

I think about writing on this blog quite often, but it seems my focus always get pulled to something else. I've gotten to be so unproductive toward the end of 2017. 

I think its cliché to say the whole "new year new... " bull crap. However, I'm a firm believer in new years resolutions. Not the typical ones like eat healthy, exercise more, etc. For me, every year I have always set a list of ten new ideas or philosophies to try and adopt into my life for the new year and all the years to come. 

For my first (and hopefully not my only haha) post of 2018, I thought I would share my resolutions for this coming year. 

1. Make every decision consciously 
Whether it's what to eat, what to say, what to wear, or what to do, I want to make every decision with purpose. 

2. Find a way to be fit and active that works for me and I enjoy doing
I don't like going to the gym and I don't like doing intense, sweaty workouts. I know I enjoy walking, running, and yoga so going into the new year I will stop trying to jump on the gym life bandwagon and adopt a fitness routine that I will stick to and enjoy. 

3. Make time for the things that I love
This blog. Reading. Writing. Scrapbooking. I have a lot more time than I think I do and instead of wasting it I would love to use it to do the things I really enjoy doing. 

4. Give more compliments and say thank you more 
I find myself thinking things like "oh that's a cute top" "I love her nails" "her hair looks amazing" but I never have the courage to actually give the compliment. I think positivity is something that's seriously lacking in this world and if I can spread positivity in any way I would like to. I would also like to make an effort to say thank you more often. I want the people in my life to know I appreciate them and am grateful for the presence they have in my life. 

5. Stop apologizing for things I'm not really sorry for
I will no longer apologize for laughing too loudly or eating too much or missing things I didn't want to go to in the first place. First of all the apologies are insincere and second I don't need to apologize for who I am, because I actually like who I am and I don't want to feel shameful about myself any more. 

6. Make more time for God every single day
I always talk to God while I'm showering and driving alone but I surf social media every night before bed when I could be reading through my Bible study app. I want to change that.

7. Take more pictures
I love photography and I want to make an effort to not only photograph new and beautiful things but also the simple and mundane things in life. 

8. Strengthen the relationships I have and build new, intimate ones
I'm quite guarded as a person and throughout 2017 I worked on opening up. I feel like I can be more honest about myself and vulnerable. It's easier for me to let people in now so I would like to get to know them all on a deeper level. 

9. Learn to control my emotions
I feel everything very deeply which can lead to me being overly emotional. I would like to learn through this year to take a step back, internalize, and respond instead of reacting. I can still feel everything deeply- happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment- but I'd like to learn to control how I express what I'm feeling. 

10. Make an effort to wake up every morning and choose happiness 
I want to make a conscious effort to open my eyes and thank God that I am alive and so blessed. I want to smile more, laugh more, complain less, see goodness in everything, and enjoy every moment. I've been through so much in my life that it's become my nature to be negative because it feels like the worst case scenario has always happened. I don't want to live that way anymore. I am in an amazing place, surrounded by people who love me and I'd like to choose happiness so I can fully appreciate how amazing my life is and can be. 

I feel like every year I'm able to learn new things and improve on myself, so every year always gets better. I'm excited for 2018 to be the best year of my life yet! I hope you all are successful with your resolutions and that 2018 blesses you beyond measure. If you want to share your resolutions for this coming year, I'd love to read them.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Just in time for Christmas.

It's been four months since I posted on this blog.

I feel like I was inconsistent for quite some time with blogging because this summer was so hectic. I was working two jobs all summer, and three jobs at one point in time. Once school started back up again things got difficult in my personal life which put blogging, not even on the back burner, but completely off the stove top. 

Now that life has settled down I want to get back to making time for the things I love. Not only have I not blogged, but I also haven't been making time for reading, exercising, or taking photos. I've bought new books (which I will share soon), I've gotten back to the gym a few times over the past couple weeks, and now I am here - writing this blog post. 

Going forward I'm hoping to do Blogmas again (no promises though). 

I don't want to make a schedule or anything, instead I'm going to write and upload when I feel like it. Hopefully this means at least once a week, but if I'm not feeling it it probably won't happen. 

I've started listening to my body and mind. I don't do things I don't want anymore (except things like school and work). Right now, this feels right. My diet has changed a lot as I'm not practicing crazy portion control or depriving myself of certain foods. If I want to eat junk food I will- in moderation. I do things that make me feel good- wether that's going to the gym, hanging out with friends, or laying in bed. 

Things have changed for me and I'm excited to share it all going forward. 

Until next time, 

Monday, 17 July 2017

I'm sorry. I'm here.

I'm so sorry. I've been completely awol. My life has been crazy lately to say the least. I've been so busy it seems like I've not had a chance to sit at my laptop and write a post (I say this with little conviction as I'm sure I have had the time, however have used it for other things). The only reason I'm taking the time to write this now is because I'm bogged down with an awful stomach flu. 

No matter the circumstance that brought me to this, I am here and I am writing. Since it's been a month and three days since my last post (two months since my last personal post) I thought it would only be appropriate to catch you up on what has been happening in my life. 
Josh and I went to Toronto to see a Blue Jays game (which turned into seeing two Blue Jays Games!). We had a great time staying in downtown TO. Not only did we see the Jays but we also went to the Ripley's Aquarium and Vaughn Mills for some shopping.
I did a charity run! My friend Michelle and I entered Run The Great Lakes which raises money for a local hospice facility. We finished five kilometres in thirty-two minutes (which if you're a serious runner sucks, but if you're me and just getting back into it, is amazing!)
This little guy turned THREE. What the actual heck? I can't believe Tate is already three years old. It seems like just yesterday I was holding a six pound newborn in my arms.
This. Freakin. Highlighter. My goodness, check out E.L.F. highlighters and you will not be disappointed. 
I'm working for CLA again job coaching intellectually disabled students. The girl I'm paired with is an absolute riot. I adore her and am having an amazing summer.
I've been to the beach exactly one time... so there's proof I've truly been busy!
Canada celebrated it's 150th birthday! Unfortunately July first didn't go off as planned, however I was able to make up for it a few days later by lighting sparklers with a girlfriend of mine.
Josh's family dog sat his friends dog, Leslie. Her and Oakley become best friends quickly and now that she's gone home he seems to almost be going through a break up! She's still a puppy so her energy is high. It was an absolute blast having her around.
Sixty pounds dropped, I've finally hit my goal size. I started my weight loss journey at size twelve and I'm now a size two. I know it's not about the numbers but it was a goal of mine and I'm so proud I accomplished it.
I got my hair done again and it's freakin' amazing. I'm beyond obsessed with it. Pinterest worthy or what? Check out Liv's Instagram to see more of her amazing work!
Josh and I went to a Stag & Doe just this past weekend (where we won absolutely nothing). We had a blast with a few friends, and he even danced with me! 

These past couple months have been phenomenal and I've been selfish with keeping it all to myself. I promise to post more often! 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

(wo) Man's Best Friend.

My love for dogs is no secret. All breeds. All sizes. All colours. All ages. I truly believe that dogs are such a blessing to this world. They are full of unconditional love, compassion, companionship, and happiness. Just take five minutes to surf YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram for cute puppy videos and your heart will swell with warmth. 

Dogs are little miracle workers, just look at the infographic above to see how much they really can benefit our lives! Personally I've received the most from dogs in the categories of mind and body. Having anxiety and depression can be extremely difficult. There are days when I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. Just knowing that my fur baby relies on me for everything is enough to make me want to get up. Without me he wouldn't eat, drink, or get outside. Having that sort of purpose gets me through some of my darkest days. No matter what my dog is always there for a cuddle. Body-wise, my weight loss journey is no secret on this blog. My dog is my running, biking, and walking buddy. He keeps me motivated to continue to be active and healthy. I can thank him for the sixty pound weight loss! 
I met my boyfriend back in October and I have to admit one of the best things about him is having another dog in my life. Oakley and I have bonded so much over the last eight months. We love to cuddle, run, and share meals together. 
Oakley's favourite human food is cheese- he comes running to the kitchen as soon as he hears the crisper open! He loves to cuddle up by my head in the morning after Josh goes to work and his favourite game to play with me is tug of war with his stuffed lamb. 
Best for last (sorry Oakley) my family dog, Duke. He is a pure bread Great Dane and a huge suck haha. Believe it or not Duke runs with me less than Oakley does because he's SO lazy! He likes to run around the back yard for about ten minutes and then sleep for a couple hours. 
His favourite people food is bacon, his favourite toy is his rope bone, and he loves to get his ears scratched. We call him Moose because he's quite big or Dork because he can be so clumsy and idiotic. But we love him just the same! 

I'm so happy to say that this post is inspired by PuppySpot. Check out their website to see what they're all about! Make sure to check out their Puppies for sale page to see all the adorable fur babies who need loving homes!

Send me pictures of your furry friends in the comments. If you get the chance, pet a puppy today!