Tuesday, 6 June 2017

(wo) Man's Best Friend.

My love for dogs is no secret. All breeds. All sizes. All colours. All ages. I truly believe that dogs are such a blessing to this world. They are full of unconditional love, compassion, companionship, and happiness. Just take five minutes to surf YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram for cute puppy videos and your heart will swell with warmth. 

Dogs are little miracle workers, just look at the infographic above to see how much they really can benefit our lives! Personally I've received the most from dogs in the categories of mind and body. Having anxiety and depression can be extremely difficult. There are days when I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. Just knowing that my fur baby relies on me for everything is enough to make me want to get up. Without me he wouldn't eat, drink, or get outside. Having that sort of purpose gets me through some of my darkest days. No matter what my dog is always there for a cuddle. Body-wise, my weight loss journey is no secret on this blog. My dog is my running, biking, and walking buddy. He keeps me motivated to continue to be active and healthy. I can thank him for the sixty pound weight loss! 
I met my boyfriend back in October and I have to admit one of the best things about him is having another dog in my life. Oakley and I have bonded so much over the last eight months. We love to cuddle, run, and share meals together. 
Oakley's favourite human food is cheese- he comes running to the kitchen as soon as he hears the crisper open! He loves to cuddle up by my head in the morning after Josh goes to work and his favourite game to play with me is tug of war with his stuffed lamb. 
Best for last (sorry Oakley) my family dog, Duke. He is a pure bread Great Dane and a huge suck haha. Believe it or not Duke runs with me less than Oakley does because he's SO lazy! He likes to run around the back yard for about ten minutes and then sleep for a couple hours. 
His favourite people food is bacon, his favourite toy is his rope bone, and he loves to get his ears scratched. We call him Moose because he's quite big or Dork because he can be so clumsy and idiotic. But we love him just the same! 

I'm so happy to say that this post is inspired by PuppySpot. Check out their website to see what they're all about! Make sure to check out their Puppies for sale page to see all the adorable fur babies who need loving homes!

Send me pictures of your furry friends in the comments. If you get the chance, pet a puppy today!