Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Chatty Tuesday | May 12, 2015


So... yesterday I had a make me up Monday post planned that I was really excited about however, my plan got derailed around 8:30 am. About a week ago we found out that my dog, Lola, had a huge tumor on her spleen with a very aggressive cancer cell. Unfortunately yesterday, we lost her. We tried the cancer medications that were prescribed but the cancer was far too aggressive. Yesterday morning when we woke up she was unable to sit down or lay down because she was so uncomfortable. She was also panting quite hard and walking as if she were drunk. We took her in to the vet clinic and they found she was bleeding in to her abdomen and that she had very little red blood cells left at all. We put her down yesterday morning at 8:45 am; if we hadn't put her down she would have continued to bleed out into herself and would have had a harder passing. She would have most likely been gone by the end of the day because there would have been so much blood in her abdomen it would have collapsed her lungs. We decided as a family that it was the best decision to let her go so she wasn't any longer in pain. We will miss her so much, she was a huge part of our family for 12 years and her passing is incredibly hard. Pets become a part of a family unit and losing them is so difficult. I take comfort knowing that she is in a better place. Love you forever Lola girl.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn