Monday, 18 May 2015

Make Me Up Monday | May 18, 2015

My Skin Care Routine

There are few things I love more than the feeling of a fresh, clean face. Whether it's waking up in the morning and washing all the tired away or taking all my makeup off after a long day, washing my face just instantly puts me in a good mood. I spend more time on my skin care than I do on my makeup because I have this mind set that I only have one face and one skin so I need to take care of them the best I can.


I keep my morning skin care fairly simple. I begin by cleansing with my Clinique bar soap in very mild (for dry skin). I dampen my face with water first, then I rub the bar between my hands to get some soap on them, then I just use my hands and fingers to wash my face with the soap. I will then take a warm, damp cotton wash cloth and use circular motions to wash the face. Then I rinse off the cleanser with warm water.

To follow up after cleansing, I use the Clinque dramatically different moisturizing gel for my whole face, neck, ears, and chest. Then I apply the Clinique all about eyes with my ring finger all the way around my eyes.

That's all I do in the mornings for skin care, it is quite simple and quick but it is very effective. I love all the products I use as I think Clinique is the best skin care brand for my face.


To start off in the evening, I remove my make up. I dampen my face and fingers just slightly and then use a pea sized amount of the Clinque take the day off cleansing milk on my finger tips and work that all over the face (yes even the eyes!). I then take a warm, damp flannel -mine is from the The Body Shop- and rub my whole face down with it. These two products together in this way act like a makeup removing wipe; the makeup wipes right off onto the flannel.

I then use my Clinique bar soap again as I did the morning half of my skin care. I use the cloth again, warm and damp, and rub my skin in circular motions to exfoliate any dead skin away. I find using an exfoliating product every day is too much for my sensitive skin, but I need daily exfoliation because my skin is also quite dry, so using a cotton cloth has become my happy medium and works very well for me.

Every two to three days I will go in with my deep cleansing brush. This brush is one that my dermatologist gave me so unfortunately I don't know the brand of it. I really do love using this brush. After I do I feel that my skin looks so glowing and it feels really clean. I don't use this every day because, again, my skin is quite sensitive and this can be a bit intense.

I finish off my evening skin care by applying my Clinique gel moisturizer to my face, ears, neck and chest, and my Clinique all about eyes all around my eye area. I love my evening skin care routine because it leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, and very clean. I find it very difficult to sleep at night if my skin doesn't feel clean. 

I think having a skin care routine is so important as it gives your skin some homeostasis. It allows your skin to really get used to the way you are treating it and so it can adjust accordingly. Finding skin care products that work for your skin type is so important so please do your research to find out what skin type you have and what products will work best for you (I had a consultation done by a dermatologist). Having dull, spotty skin can be a major insecurity for a lot of people -men and women- so I highly recommend finding products and a routine that will work for you.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn