Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Random Thought Thursday | July 30, 2015

July Photo Diary

I've decided this month that instead of doing a favourites post, I would share what my month looked like according to my camera roll. I love taking pictures- so much that I'm going to college for photography- so I've always got loads to go through by the end of the month. Please do remember that most of these photos are from my phone not my DSLR so may not be super good quality, but whatevs! Haha. Enjoy!

01-07-2015: Ice cream on Canada Day with Amanda and Samara
01-07-2015: My "that's so tumblr" daisy picture
01-07-2015: My favourite firework from the Canada Day display
03-07-2015: homemade burgers for the fam by yours truly
05-07-2015: Reunited with bestie Brenty
05-07-2015: Favourite book of July was this one- Life Without Summer by Lynne Griffin
06-07-2015: My best breakfast creation of the month- 2 egg omelette with tomatoes and herbs on 12 grain toast

06-07-2015: Reading in the backyard
08-07-2015: Day off calls for breakfast in bed (oatmeal pancakes) and binge watching Essie Button
08-07-2015: days off also call for taking pictures in pretty places
09-07-2015: This fitness thing is paying off!
14-07-2015: Tate turns one
19-07-2015: sunset at Papa & Jeans- met Jean's family from Denmark!
19-07-2015: spent 3 days straight with the lovely Logan- Smokey's night, day at Papa's, pool day with Danica!
22-07-2015: the aftermath of a pool day with the girls
 23-07-2015: first Sheinside order- love it all!
24-07-2015: found my perfect nude nail colour- bare it all by Sally Hansen
25-07-2015: Red Lobster lunch in Sudbury
26-07-2015: bonfire with the 3 besties!
28-07-2015: getting some sun during the heat wave!
29-07-2015: beautiful sunset & lovely walk with Will to end the month

I hope you guys liked this new style of post as opposed to a monthly favourites. Please do let me know if you did & also what you've been getting up to this month! I hope you all had a lovely July and that August treats you very well.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn