Thursday, 16 July 2015

Random Thought Thursday | July 16, 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1. When the sun shines while it's raining
2. A really great book
3. Ice cream
4. Tight hugs
5. Receiving snail mail
6. Organizing everything
7. My family
8. Crunching frosted leaves in autumn
9. High fives that have good sound with no pain
10. Finding a great parking spot
11. Strangers who smile as you walk by
12. When the radio plays great music
13. Seeing fawns and foxes on the highway
14. Genuine laughter
15. When people take the time to call 'just because'
16. Seeing balloons in the sky
17. The sore feeling of muscles after a good workout
18. Thunderstorms
19. Seeing adorable couples that are very clearly in love
20. Dangling my toes in the water
21. Alone time with my mom
22. Freshly washed sheets
23. Singing in the shower
24. Long walks
25. The smell of a bakery
26. Parades and community nights
27. Getting the perfect picture
28. When no one around me is on their phones
29. Breakfast for dinner (pancakes!)
30. Good skin days
31. The feeling of amazing health after being really ill
32. A glass of chocolate milk
33. Seeing nice things happen to the people I love
34. When babies smile
35. Freshly vacuumed floors
36. The first summer dress day of the season
37. Buying myself flowers
38. Seeing a film in the cinema
39. When something tastes good AND is healthy
40. When my Opa tells me old stories
41. Planning new things
42. My faith
43. Colourful sunrises and sunsets
44. Cold water on a hot day
45. Bonfires with special people
46. Feeling like everything will be okay
47. Trying new recipes
48. A great smelling candle
49. Looking through old photographs
50. Being alive

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn