Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Chatty Tuesdays | July 28, 2015

1D Full Body Workout

*If you're unsure about any of the exercises type the name into the Google search bar and it will show photos and video links*

Okay ladies, a lot of us want to be fit and sexy for summer (and all year 'round) and a lot of us are also proud Directioners- I know I am! To help inspire you to workout I have created this very fun- yet very difficult- full body workout to 4 One Direction songs (one from each album). I've done this workout about 6 times now and it makes my muscles burn every time in the best way possible, plus I get to listen to 4 of my favourite 1D songs whilst I do it! So if you want to get in shape and you love 1D then this is definitely for you!

1. Song: Ready to Run

Album: Four

Target: Abs

Verse 1: knees up crunches
Chorus: extended leg toe touch
Verse 2: penguins
Chorus: alternating toe touch
Bridge: bicycle crunches
Chorus: extended legs toe touch

2. Song: Happily

Album: Midnight Memories

Target: Arms

Verse: bicep curls
Pre-chorus: bicep curl to press up
Chorus: squat with press up
Verse 2: bicep curls
Pre-chorus: bicep curl to press up
Chorus: squat with press up
Bridge: lateral arm raises
Chorus: tricep extensions
Chorus: squat with press up

3. Song: She's Not Afraid

Album: Take Me Home

Target: Legs + Bum

Verse 1: fire hydrant donkey kicks
Chorus: plank leg lifts
Verse 2: donkey kick pulses
Chorus: side leg lifts (right leg)
Bridge: plank hip drops
Chorus: side leg lifts (left leg)
End bit: hip raises

4. Song: One Thing

Album: Up All Night

Target: Back + Shoulders

Verse 1: Plank + dumbbell lifts
Chorus: up-up, down-downs
Verse 2: geckos
Chorus: pushups
Bridge: supermans
Chorus: opposite leg + arm raises

If you try this workout let me know how you got on with it! I do find it to be quite difficult but it always leaves my muscles feeling tired and sore in the best way! If you have any workouts let me know as well!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn