Monday, 27 July 2015

Make Me Up Monday | July 27, 2015


*I do apologize for the photos- I couldn't find my UV filter anywhere!!
Collecting empties may have been the most annoying yet enlightening thing I've done. I've started dating my products recently and so this allowed me to be really conscious of what I love as well as how much I'm really getting out of the product. I have a few products that I love and will repurchase/already have repurchased as well as a few products that I liked enough to finish but wouldn't buy again.
The first empty I have is the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. I absolutely love this moisturizer for spring/summer as it's really light yet still quite hydrating. I have already repurchased this!

Another thing I have already repurchased is the Aveeno daily moisturizing body lotion. Not only did I repurchase this in the extra large size, but I also bought the SPF formula because I love this body lotion so much (as you can tell by my cutting it open to get every last bit out haha). It's really moisturizing and hydrating without feeling greasy or heavy on the skin.

I finished up the matching body wash/shower gel as well- and yes, have already repurchased. The line doesn't have a strong scent, but it does smell a bit like oatmeal (as that's its main ingredient) which I actually really like the smell of. I also have been using this for shaving since it is a gel.

The last skin empty I have is The Body Shop tea tree face clearing foaming cleanser. I did like this product despite the intense smell of tea tree. It worked well at clearing my skin but dried it out a bit and left it feeling tight as it is a foam meant for acne prone skin. I may repurchase this in the cream formula to keep in my shower for a once a week face wash.
I went through two Rimmel wake me up concealers... yes TWO! They are different shades- one for under the eyes and one for spots. I absolutely love this concealer and have already repurchased both shades.

Although I could have used my Revlon brow pencil a little bit longer, I ran out of the gel on the other end and the pencil is really quite small. I love this brow pencil and have already bought a replacement. I love that it's quite a waxy pencil which helps my brow hairs stay in place so I don't actually need to use the gel if I want a more natural brow look.

The Baby Lips Dr. Rescue is my go to chap stick. It's got menthol in it which my lips respond really well to so I love it (and it smells great!) I have bought a replacement of this as well.

I got the sample size mascara from Smashbox when I bought my full exposure palette. It is the Full exposure mascara in waterproof. I really loved the formula of this mascara; it held a curl, it lengthened and added a lot of volume to my lashes. What I didn't like is the applicator is really quite large which makes using the product quite messy. If they were to change the size of the brush I would repurchase in a heartbeat, but with this wand it really didn't work for me so I wouldn't repurchase.

The mascara I have repurchased is the CoverGirl lash blast in waterproof. It's become my go to mascara as it does everything I could ask of it without smudging or running on hot days. Love it!

The third mascara I have is the Miss Manga which while it wasn't awful I definitely wouldn't repurchase. It didn't stay on my lashes and it didn't hold a curl.

The last thing I have is the NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation. I can not praise this enough (so yes, I have repurchased). I don't like the feeling of liquid foundation and so went on a hunt for a really good powder foundation. This beat out every other powder foundation I tried- including BareMinerals and some high end brands. The name is very appropriate as it does keep me matte all day but it doesn't make me look 2-D. I don't feel like I need to use bronzer or blush to add some contrast back into my face when I wear this.

So that's all my empty products! If you have any thoughts on any of these products or know of any other products that you would recommend to me please do let me know.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn