Monday, 20 July 2015

Make Me Up Monday | July 20, 2015

My Summer Nail Colours + Mani/Pedi Routine!

I've been using a lot of nail colours this summer- I'm one of those people who repaints their nails a different colour once I see just one chip on one nail. This can be overkill to some but for me it allows me to experience so many different nail polishes!

All of these nail polishes dry very quickly and require 2 coats max. In the summer I can't be bothered to wait for my nails to dry or to apply many coats whereas I'm more patient with these things in the winter... I'm not sure why ha ha ha.
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 115 Tickled Pink and 405 Coral Reef.
The Colour Workshop in Neya, Nexa, and Nbra.
Essie has become my favourite nail polish brand!! The top row is Ignite the Night, Lollipop, and Marshmallow. The bottom row has Absolutely Shore, Find me an Oasis, and Naughty Nautical.

I've also been loving the new summer line from Essie but forgot to take photos (whoops). My favourite has definitely been Peach Side Babe.
From Revlon I have 571 Posh, and 912 Posh Pink.
My only polish from OPI is this one- Love Song- from the Selena Gomez collection.
From Maybelline colour show I've liked using 021 Neutral Statement.
I've also been enjoying using fun nail stickers and fake nails! The L'Oreal nails are in the pattern 205 High Tea and the Sally Hansen Salon effects is 510 Get the Point.
My favourite base coat/treatment is Essie Millionails and my favourite top coat is the Revlon Extra Life.
As far as my mani/pedi routine goes I've noticed that I really do have a legitimate routine when doing my nails. The first thing I do is go to the washroom- it seems like I always need to pee as soon as my nails are wet.. TMI? Whoops ha ha. The next thing I do is set up a TV show to watch (usually Rookie Blue). Once these two things are complete I'm ready to start on my toe nails followed by my finger nails!

I begin by trimming and filing my nails. I like to keep my nails fairly round and pretty short. I then push my cuticles and remove any hangnails I have. After that I use my 4 sided nail buffer to exfoliate and smooth my nails. The last thing I do before starting the polish process is wash my hands to get rid of any filing residue so my nail polish doesn't look bumpy.

When I'm finally ready to start on the actual nail painting process I will use my Essie base coat/treatment to begin. After my base coat has dried I will apply 1-3 coats of colour, depending on how the colour comes out. I finish up with the Revlon extra life no chip top coat.
After the colour and top coat have dried I will do clean up around the edges of my nails as I'm almost always messy! I use Q-tips and nail polish remover- and cotton pads if it's a big mess haha.

I hope you enjoyed reading my mani/pedi routine + my favourite summer nail colours! Please let me know what your favourite colours have been for summer (and if you know where to get your hands on Blossom Dandy by Essie TELL ME!! ha ha ha).

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn