Friday, 18 September 2015

Woman Crush Wednesday (But on Friday) | Top 5

To follow up from Tuesdays man crush Monday, today I will be sharing my woman crush Wednesday favs! Even though I am a woman myself I feel as if I can still appreciate a good looking woman when I see one (we all can, right?). My appreciation goes to the natural beauties; the ones that don't pile on the makeup and haven't had crazy procedures done. Enjoy my woman crush Wednesday ladies:
5. Emma Watson
Emma is the epitome of the ugly duckling to the swan scenario; from HP1 as Hermione to now she has really blossomed from an awkward young girl to a beautiful woman. She is so stunning and I really appreciate her views on less is more when it comes to sex appeal. Love her!

4. Troian Bellisario
Ahhh, my favourite PLL! Troian is such a cutie; the shape of her face is so beautiful and strong. She always looks so youthful, natural, and fresh faced.
3. Kendall Jenner
To me, Kendall is the most attractive of all the Kardashian sisters (maybe that's why she's the one with the modelling career!). Compared to the rest of the family who very clearly has had work done, Kendall still looks fresh and naturally beautiful. Such a gorgeous girl!
2. Lily Collins
Lily's skin is absolutely stunning! Her minimal makeup look really compliments her natural beauty and her naturally strong brows are divine!
1. Angelina Jolie
I strongly believe that Angelina is the most effortlessly gorgeous woman on this Earth. Her bone structure is killer and her eyes amaze me! She's always on point with her looks as well as her personality- she's so calm and collected all the time. 

I hope you enjoyed this WCW and appreciated the beautiful women that I mentioned here. Do you have a celebrity woman crush? Please share it!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn