Friday, 4 September 2015

Save or Splurge | Fashion & Style

Knowing where to invest your money can be a difficult thing to navigate. I have definitely been that kinda gal who has spent a ridiculous amount of money on something silly just for a brand name (or another stupid reason haha). Now that I know how to determine good quality and craftsmanship and how to keep a budget, I have laid out my masterplan of save or splurge: fashion edition!

Tanks: save
I don't see the need to spend more than about $5-$10 on a plain tank top for layering and such. They're such a basic piece and you can get some really good ones for little money.
Tees: save
I think basic tees are another thing you can save your money on- every store has a decent quality basics line that won't break the bank.
Jeans: splurge
Jeans are one of those things that really show their craft. Getting a nice, good quality pair of jeans may be something you'll have to spend a good amount of money on.
Underwear: save
I'm not saying go buy the 3 packs of Hanes for $5.99 but stores like Victoria's Secret and La Senza put on their 7 for $27 sales so often that there's really no need to pay full price for your panties.
Bras: splurge
If there's one thing you need to spend a pretty penny on it's gotta be a good bra. Wearing cheap bras is so bad for your breasts and back- you'll regret those cheap bras in your future!
Hoodies: save
For something so comfy and casual, who needs it to be expensive? They're mainly for bumming around in anyways.
Sweaters: splurge
Cheap sweaters are just a bad idea- a month down the road when it frays and pulls it really wasn't worth the saved money anyways because it will need to be replaced.
Shoes: splurge
A good pair of shoes is essential, not just for looks but for your body. Wearing a bad pair of shoes puts a strain on your hips, lower back, knees, and feet- not worth the save!
Socks: save
Just an everyday pair of socks? Don't waste your money, odds are you're the only person who's going to see them anyways.
Coats: splurge
If you're in the type of climate where you need to buy a coat then you'll want to spend a little extra money to get something that's well made. Nothing is worse than a cheap coat when its 30C below!
Jackets: save
Something like a denim or leather jacket is an item that can run at a higher price, but finding them for a lower dollar amount is a good idea. They're seasonal so you're only wearing them a few months of the year anyways- they don't wear out that quickly.
Joggers: save
Like the hoodies, odds are you're only going to wear them for bumming about the house, save your money for the nicer things.
Leggings: splurge
We've all witnessed a lady bend over in leggings and seen a little too much for comfort. Spend the few extra bucks for some good quality leggings so you don't have to worry about showing a bit too much.
Pyjamas: save
Just for sleeping? Save your money. Even if you're drawn to the luxurious pyjamas of Victoria's Secret or La Vie En Rose they always go on sale!
Skirts: splurge or save
I think there is definitely a need to splurge on a few nice skirts- a maxi, a pencil, a midi etc. But if you're looking for just a seasonal spring/summer skirt you can definitely save your moolah!
Dresses: splurge or save
Like the skirts, it's important to have a few nice dresses for fancier occasions and of course a gorgeous LBD. However, when it comes to summer dresses there are many on the market that run a little cheaper. 

Sports bra: splurge
Hold those girls close to your body to avoid saggy breasts in your old age!
Yoga pants: splurge
Re: leggings- really for the same reason.
Workout tops: save
If you've got a good sports bra on underneath then there's really no reason to spend an arm and a leg for expensive workout tops. My favourite tops to workout in are actually just old t-shirts and tank tops!
Running shorts: save
As long as you find a pair of running shorts that don't ride up, you're golden!
Trainers: splurge
My tip for buying your trainers is save up a hefty amount of money and go in not even looking at price tags. Your trainers need to fit like a dream and hit your feet in all the right places. If a good pair of trainers is going to cost you $300, it's worth it in the long run.
Breathable socks: splurge
100% cotton workout socks are a must if you're serious about getting fit- avoid that athletes foot! Nike and Under Armour make amazing workout socks. Yes they are pricy for what they are, but your feet with thank you.

I hope you guys found this save or splurge idea interesting and helpful! Please do let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn