Saturday, 26 September 2015

My Favourite Fitness Apps | Saturday Series: Fit-spiration 3 of 6

For the third post in my Fit-spiration series, I decided to share my favourite fitness apps. I think fitness apps can be really helpful, wether its for tracking workouts, monitoring daily intake, or fitness inspiration! They can all be really helpful and conducive to a fit and active lifestyle!
 To start off, this is what my health/fitness folder looks like on my iPhone. I don't use the Apple Health app and I've stopped using Tracker Lite, since my workouts are now part of my weekly schedule I know if and when I worked out.

The apps I use most are MyFitnessPal, SWORKIT, and MapMyRide.
This app is so helpful for finding new workout ideas as well as giving you a good workout when you may not have the time to put in to planning a workout of your own. You can choose any of the categories shown above, then you choose from the subcategories, and finally you set your time frame or duration.

The sub categories include:
Strength: full body, upper body, core strength, and lower body
Cardio: light warm up, full intensity cardio, plyometrics jump cardio, and boot camp
Yoga: sun salutation, full sequence, yoga for runners, and pilates
Stretching: head to to warmup stretch, full body, standing only, and back strengthening

My favourite workouts are core strength, full intensity cardio, sun salutation, pilates and back strengthening.

I love this app so much for it's workouts but what I really love most about it is that it provides you with a gif of a person doing the instructed exercise. This breaks down the barrier of fitness jargon, especially in the yoga section.
 MayMyRide is an app that uses your location and tracks your workout route. You can set it to many different tracking options including: walking, running, interval training, cycling, and countless other options! 

The app tells you how far you've gone as well as your average and split paces. It also keeps track of the music you listened to through iTunes which I think is a really cool feature because I know the songs I listened to for my best and worst workouts.
Saved the best for last on this one! MyFitnessPal is an app that I use absolutely every single day! I love that it tracks my steps on it's own so I can see how much I'm moving. I use this app mainly for tracking my food in take. Now,  I'm not a dedicated calorie counter however, this app shows me my macros for the day as well as how much of each vitamin and mineral I've consumed. This app really helps me to keep on track with a healthy and balanced diet, which we all know goes hand-in-hand with getting fit!

These apps have really helped me out in my fitness journey and I hope you will give them a try! If there are any apps you think I should give a go do let me know.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn