Thursday, 4 June 2015

Random Thought Thursday | June 4, 2015


Yesterday evening was absolutely gorgeous here in SSM, Ontario so my brother and I decided to take advantage of it. I rode my bike and he used his roller blades and we did 8km of the Hub Trail around our city. 

I absolutely love living in Northern Ontario; it's so gorgeous every where you turn!

I mentioned the Hub Trail before in this post. Basically it is a paved pathway that goes around the perimeter of my city. It's so beautiful and I can always count on running into at least one person I know whilst out and about on the trail.

Like seriously guys, this can't be beat! As much as I would absolutely love to live other places in my life, I think my heart does belong here and I'd definitely end up back here when and if I settle down, get married and have kids.

The hub trail in my city was named after a mayor we had a few years ago who passed of cancer. The city adored him - I think he served 3 terms in City Hall - so the Hub Trail is in memorial of Mayor John Roswell.

The trail is lined with benches in the down town area as it is a very scenic area and probably the most used section of the trail. Pictured is my brother (who's making a face because he hates getting photos taken). We decided to sit down for about 10 minutes and just take in the view. It's crazy to me, living in a border city, that I can look out across a river and see an entirely different country!

The skies were such a clear blue and the grass looked so green in the sunlight yesterday evening!

While we were down town we actually saw a docked coast guard ship that is all the way from Ottawa! It was absolutely ginormous! The crew on the ship saw us checking it out and gave us a little run down of the boat, but unfortunately it's against the law for them to invite us on. 

And to finish it all off, I just had to prove my theory that life is better through sepia coloured glasses.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn