Monday, 8 June 2015

Make Me Up Monday | June 8, 2015

4 Days of Hair

I have recently been doing my best to get my hair to a place where it only needs to be washed twice a week. It has been a long (and greasy) process, but my hair does seem to be a lot healthier and stronger than it was when I was washing every day or two.

During this time I have found myself using the same hair styles over and over to prolong the time between washes and to minimize the amount of heat styling I'm using on my hair. I don't use any products in my hair anymore besides an argan oil when my hair is damp after washing. I have read many articles recently about how bad hair products really are for you and since I have stopped using them I have definitely noticed a difference! (give this article a read if you're interested). 

Without further ramblings, here are 4 days of fool proof hair styles that I resort to all the time to get the most out of my wash without damaging my hair in between.

Day 1

This is my hair day 1. After a good wash and condition in the shower I towel dry, use an argan oil, and then let my hair dry naturally the rest of the way. I then use a 19mm Conair curling wand to get nice big curls. I usually pin the front of my hair back at about my ear as the volume of the curls on day 1 can be a bit overwhelming around the face.

Day 2

As you can see here, by day 2, the curls have fallen into a really pretty loose wave look. The picture on the left is when I just woke up, au natural. The second photo, on the right, is after a little bit of touching up with my wand. 

Day 3

By day 3, my curls/loose waves are still in tact but I do begin to notice my hair looking a little bit greasy only around my hair line. To hide this I like to twist the hair back around my face and pin it back by my ears. 

Day 4

When I get to day 4, I tend to prefer to put my hair up as I begin to get greasy at my part. This is the first of three variations of day 4 hair. I like to pull my hair back into a very messy and loose low bun and secure it with a cute little scrunchee. 

The second option I tend to resort to on day 4 is a simple pony tail. Since my hair still holds the wave of the curls, I think the pony tail looks really soft and pretty.

My third hairstyle for day 4 hair is a half up-half down do. I like to use a little elastic with a bow because I think this hairstyle is really feminine so I go all out on the girly front ha ha. 

I find this pattern of hair styles really fool proof and simple for a four day hair plan. I think having go to hair styles for all degrees of clean to greasy is a great idea especially when you work random, part-time shifts like I do. I don't even have to think about what to do with my hair in the morning before an 8am shift because it has just become a habit now!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn