Monday, 22 June 2015

Make Me Up Monday | June 22, 2015

Skin Care Tips

I am a firm believer in really taking care of my skin. I would prefer to invest my time and money in my skin care as opposed to makeup products because in my mind I'd prefer to have a face that I don't feel the need to slap heavy makeup on everyday. The tips I have acquired are not my own. I am not a skin care professional by any means, I'm not even close. This list is a compilation from dermatologists, estheticians, and other women I have in my life who are very knowledgeable. I felt passing on the helpful information I have received would be a good idea as I know how lost I am when it comes to skin care and I also know that not everyone has the resources to seek professional opinions.

1. Drink Water: I thought I may as well start off with this one and get it out of the way. I know everyone says this, but it's because it really does work! 
2. Eat Good Foods: Your skin needs vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Eat whole grains, fresh fruit and veg, and avoid heavily processed foods or any foods high in unhealthy fats.
3. Date Your Products: This reason behind this tip is now that people are switching toward more natural ingredient based products, they do expire. Writing the date on each new product (skin care and makeup) can help to make sure you're not putting anything on your face that's out of date (this can also help you see how much time you're really getting out of your product).
4. Find The Right Products: Whether you get a professional skin care consultation or take a quiz online or watch a YouTube video that explains skin mapping, knowing your skin type is very important. I was using products for extremely dry skin because my face always felt tight, when I began breaking out I went to a professional who told me that my skin is actually combination-oily and that it felt tight because it was dehydrated. Knowing your skin and getting the right products is so important!
5. Moisturize: No matter what skin type you have always moisturize! From the driest of dry to the oiliest of skins, moisturizer is an absolute necessity. Having oily skin, I tend to go for gel moisturizers instead of lotions. A tip I was given to help combat my dehydration issue was to mix a little bit of warm water into my moisturizer before applying it to my face and then to massage my moisturizer all the way in. The reason to massage moisturizer in instead of lightly applying it to the skin is that a lot of moisturizers are water based and so will evaporate off the skin into the air which will draw out any moisture in your skin!
6. Keep Everything Clean: By this I mean everything! I wash my pillow case, my face cloths and towels, and my brushes weekly. Dirt and dust builds up on these items and then gets distributed onto the skin causing clogged pores. Also try not to touch your face without freshly washed hands as you don't want to add dirt and bacteria to your pores.
7. Pamper Yourself: Try to have a day every week or so that's completely makeup free where you can take the time to use a face mask or a pore strip or an oil treatment (or all three!).
8. Have a Routine: Creating a skin care routine that is good for you is so important to give your skin some homeostasis. Your skin will thrive off of a routine.
9. Trust professionals: This is the big tip that really makes a difference! I think of estheticians as the GP of beauty. You see your GP for everything and usually they know what to do, if they don't they send you to someone who can help you out. That's how I see estheticians; they know makeup, skin care, waxing, massaging etc. Most of the time estheticians will know exactly what you need skin care wise and if they don't they always know the name of a good dermatologist!
10. Love Your Skin: Honestly, odds are none of us will ever be 100% completely confident with our skin. There's so much that we are convinced we should be insecure about- pigmentation, acne, large pores, wrinkles etc. To that I say screw it. Your skin is like the bark of a tree, it tells the entire story of where you've been. Your smile lines, your freckles, your scars, EVERYTHING about your skin is UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL. Don't cover it up, learn to love your skin.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn