Friday, 25 March 2016

Life Lately | Update

March has been one heck of a crazy month! School has been absolutely insane with assignments and due dates and tests. Now finals are just around the corner and it doesn't seem to be letting up quite yet. 

So much has happened this month that I figured a little update was in order. 

Gotta start off with the big one. The one that has taken up the majority of my month. I still love my program and I still love my school. 

It's a relief to still be able to say that after the hectic month we've endured. A lot of my classes are wrapping up now as the first two weeks of April are for portfolio development and the third week of April is dedicated to portfolio interviews. 
I have realized this month that I really enjoy commercial photography as a whole and high key portraiture. I really enjoy photographing products, especially cosmetics! 
I think I like high key portraiture so much because it seems to make everyone look flawless! I mean, come on, a Mola beauty dish can make anyone look amazing haha. 
I had Tinder for like 6 days haha. My friend convinced me that it would be a good idea to put myself out there and make people know that I am available for a relationship. Firstly, I think Tinder is a joke. I know a few couples who have actually met through Tinder and are doing great together but on the whole I don't think it's meant for serious relationships. 
I realized through all this that I don't think I am available for a relationship. No, I'm not taken. But I'm spending so much time and effort on working toward loving myself that I'm not sure I'm really ready to open my heart to someone else. 
I have grown very close to a girl here in my program. We have been doing all of our shoots together and have been spending a lot of time together outside of the program as well. She is easily my closest and best friend here in Ottawa. 

The first friend I made here is someone who I'm not sure I'm proud to call a friend anymore. We had a little argument toward the beginning of the month where in she left me in a full blown anxiety attack. She didn't ever apologize or ask if I was okay, instead she left. Friends shouldn't give friends anxiety attacks.

Since that has happened, numerous others with in the program have revealed to me that they really don't like her and they feel that she is rude and judgemental. I couldn't agree more. However, I only have three weeks left with her so I'm remaining civil. It seems like the best option. 
I have been struggling to get along with my one roommate since day one here. She is the type of person who makes messes and leaves them behind for someone else to clean up. But then if she finds a mess in the apartment that isn't hers all hell breaks loose and she's spam messaging the rest of us that we are slobs and need to clean up. It has been a genuine test of patience to deal with her. Just three more weeks. Just three more weeks.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here but my aunt and uncle had a house fire just before Christmas. They FINALLY received an answer about their home from the insurance adjusters- it's being written off. I'm so happy that they are able to move on with their lives, look for houses, and move out of the hotel they've been living in. 
I can't wait to be back home this summer. Again, just three more weeks! My family and I are all so close, especially me and my mom. I'm excited to be able to enjoy more time with them again. I'm going to give my mom the biggest hug when I see her!
Personal Wellbeing
With this being such a stressful month I have been making a conscious effort to make sure I'm not letting myself get on auto pilot. I've been trying my best to stay present in every moment and take breaks whenever I need to. 
Yoga and walks around the neighbourhood have been two things I've been doing to help keep me active and sane. It's so easy to get into editing mode. Before you know it four hours have passed and your eyes are hurting something fierce! I try to take a break every hour for about fifteen minutes. 
Coming Up Next
I don't plan to return to Ottawa for the next school year. The photography program at the college back home has been revamped and is just as good as the one here! I'm so happy to be moving home.

My health has been acting up lately. Moving home really is my only option as far as taking care of myself and my body. I do like Ottawa and at first I was extremely gutted. Once I learned that the college offered a comparable program, I was really relieved and I'm now looking forward to being back home.
Speaking of moving home, my oldest and best girl friend is moving home too! We plan to spend the summer working and living at our homes to save money. When August comes we're going to get an apartment together! I'm so excited! We've been talking about living together for years and it's finally able to happen!
I got offered a photography job shooting a wedding! This July ninth I will be photographing a bride and groom on their big day! I'm so anxious about it. On one hand I'm really excited for the opportunity but on the other hand it's a huge deal and I'm quite nervous. It happens to fall on no bra day... one of my favourite days of the year... so I'm taking that as a positive sign haha.
How has March treated you? I hope daylight savings spring forward didn't mess with your sleep too much! What are you looking forward to this summer? Let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading & check back again to see what KatieDidd, xo