Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How to NOT Be a 'Broke College Kid' | Top 5 Tips

1. Ditch the Dryer - Hang your clothes to dry
Two dollars doesn't seem expensive but when you have to pay that for each load for the washer AND the dryer, that's a huge expense! I know personally, my semesters are 15 weeks each- so 30 weeks of school. Let's just say you do one load of laundry every two weeks; that's at least $60 spent on laundry! Why not instead, buy a clothes drying rack to keep in your room? I bought this one for $15 at Wal-Mart. I do pay for the washer obviously, but this saves me two dollars per load of laundry which means it paid for itself in 8 loads. Can't complain about that!
2. Frequent Flyers & Shop Sales! 
Groceries can get expensive! It seems that no amount of grocery store trips with my mom could prepare me for just how much I would have to spend on groceries. Plus there's those random things you need to buy as an adult that you never really considered (like toilet paper, and batteries, and light bulbs). Save.ca has been super helpful for finding sales near me. You put in your postal code and it delivers the flyers to your email for stores that are near you. Another tip I've learned is to buy in bulk. For things that are freezable (like cheese, veggies etc) or that have extended expiration dates (pasta, canned goods, snacks etc) buying a whack when it's on sale can really save you a pretty penny in the long run! 
3. Free Fun is Still Fun - Find free/cheap events to go to
I think the social aspect of college is definitely the biggest expense that is totally avoidable. Don't be a hermit by any means, but finding cheap or free events to go to can help you save a boat load of cash. Most colleges/universities will have entertainment at a discount or free social events (that aren't as lame as you think they are- think sports games and dirty bingo). Just recently my college had Jus Reign come and tickets were only ten bucks! It was a great night. As a photography student, we love to fool around and take pictures for fun to blow off some steam. For a night out, pre-drink so you only need to spend money on one or two drinks at the bar, it can save you quite a bit of money!
4. Apply for bursaries
There is so much money that colleges and universities have set aside specifically to give to students and yet so many go unclaimed because not enough people apply. Guys, it's literally free money that you don't have to pay back! When the time comes, fill out the bursary application because the worst that could happen is you don't qualify for any. On the other hand, you could get free money. Anything from $50 to $5000 is just extra cash in the bank!
5. Skip Starbucks
This is the big one guys...Starbucks is expensive. Even Tim Hortons is expensive. One coffee everyday, you're looking at over $100 per semester (and that's a conservative estimate). I don't have the time to brew coffee and I don't have the desire to spend a crap ton on a coffee maker when I know I'd probably want to upgrade when I get a more permanent place with a more permanent living partner. Instant coffee has become a great love of mine. Don't squish up your nose! It's actually not bad whatsoever- Folgers makes a really great instant coffee. Save your pennies for the more important things guys- like maybe rent haha. 

I hope these top five tips help some of you out! College is expensive and funds- especially this time of year- are running out quickly. Be smart and responsible with your money. Do you have any tips that help to save money? Please do let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading & check back to see what KatieDidd, xo