Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March Madness! | Goals & Favourites

1. Topless and Barefoot by Essie
This has been my favourite nude polish this month. It's just the right amount of brown and pink- love it so much!
2. Painting
I'm not good by any means however, I have found great love in painting. I think it's important to have creative outlets even if it isn't necessarily something you excel at.
3. Cosmetic Photography
I'm not a huge makeup lover so this new found love for cosmetic photography took me completely by surprise. I love the way the products look in photography!
4. Rubber Boots
This time of year it's so muddy and sloppy and rainy. Rubber boots have been my go-to footwear all month. Mine are by the brand Kamik; super durable and lined with amazingly soft material.
5. Teen Mom 2
GUYS THEY'RE BACK!! I have been a fan of Teen Mom 2 since they first aired with these girls five or six years ago. I'm so happy they are back!
6. I Think I'm In Love by Kat Dhalia
I'm late to the party on this one, but this song has been my go-to jam throughout the whole of March.
7. High Key Portraits
The light just makes anyone and everyone look utterly flawless! The vibes of high key portraiture are just stunning.
8. The Sims
This obsession is kind of embarrassing haha. I really enjoy this game though. I have it on my phone and I play it almost every day!
9. Vampire Diaries
I've made it to season three! This show is so gripping- every episode is a new problem for the cast and I can't get enough!
10. My Mom!
This lovely lady turned 50 just yesterday! She is such an amazing person (maybe I'm biased because she's my mom haha). She is always there for me and knows exactly what to say. I've been struggling a lot this month because of stress and anxiety and she is always there for a phone call no matter what time of day.

1. Strengthen my faith: explore spirituality
This has been such a beauty journey to take on this month. I have been able to place my faith in the universe and the greater plan.
2. Love my body: don't weigh myself all month
I failed. I weighed myself twice... However I didn't freak out or obsess over the numbers which is something I'm really proud of.
3. Explore new creative mediums: make a sculpture with clay
I did this.. I'm not sharing the picture of it because it is dismal haha. I didn't enjoy sculpting at all and it's not something I will do again.
4. Find more joy: wake up and immediately smile
This is something I think I will continue doing for the rest of my life. It has helped with my moods infinitely and it just sets the day off in the exact right way.
5. Have an open heart: write mom a thank you letter
I can't wait until I'm home to give her the letter I wrote her. It was such a cathartic experience to write all the things I was feeling and to get my thanks out on paper.

April Goals
1. Strengthen my faith: read a book on spirituality
2. Love my body: appreciate my nude body in the mirror daily
3. Explore new creative mediums: sketch something
4. Find more joy: enjoy my last month in Ottawa best I can
5. Have an open heart: be honest

I hope you enjoyed reading through my monthly favourites and goals! March has been such a hectic month and I'm very much looking forward to April. Hopefully it will be a little more clam. 

What have you been loving this month? Do let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading & check back again to see what KatieDidd, xo