Sunday, 13 March 2016

47. Opportunities You've Been Given | 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

This week's topic could not have come at a more appropriate time! This week I was given the opportunity to move home in April and finish my education at the college there. I'm so freakin' excited!! I'm proud of myself for moving so far away to pursue my education, but now that the same education is available to me back home I'm more than willing to make the move back to my home town. I'm very much looking forward to being surrounded by my friends and family again.
Another opportunity that has fallen in my lap this weekend took me by such surprise. I was offered a photo gig shooting a wedding in July! This is the real deal guys!! I'm beyond excited and humbled that someone thinks my work is good enough to trust me with something so important as their FREAKIN' WEDDING DAY! It's definitely a nerve wracking thought and I'm not taking the task lightly. However, I'm so unbelievable flattered that people are starting to see potential in my work and are appreciating the photographs that I'm putting out into the world.
This past Thursday I was given the opportunity to shoot my oldest friend and his boyfriend for an assignment that I'm working on. It's called Love In The Dark and is a social documentary photo essay touching upon the social stigma that still surrounds homosexual love and intimacy. It was such a beautiful experience to see how in love they were-  I'm so proud to see my friend in a healthy and strong relationship with such an amazing man. It's baffling to me that there is still even a question when it comes to gay rights. 
People are people.
Love is love.
I mean can you honestly say that this is any less beautiful than a heterosexual couple?

The opportunity to shoot these amazing men went above and beyond my expectations. They were just as passionate about the project as I am and it made for some really breath taking images. 

Have you been given an opportunity lately that you're really grateful for? What was it? Please do let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading & check back to see what KatieDidd, xo