Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Flashbacks of February | Goals & Favourites

1. Netflix
I'm so late to the party here. I just got Netflix this month. I've been loving the series that Netflix has to offer as well as the wide selection of movies! It's so convenient and really affordable. Love it. 
2. Prison Break
One of the series I've been watching on Netflix is Prison Break... like binge watching haha. I just love this show! Basically it's about this guy Michael who's brother was wrongfully convicted of murder and is on death row for it. Michael gets himself put into jail to try and break his brother out. I'm almost finished season one already! It's so gripping; every episode leaves you needing to watch the next.
3. Pillow Talk by Zayn
When I first listened to and watched the video for this song I was not a fan. Like at all. I gave it another listen just for good measure (because I mean, it's Zayn haha) and I loved it! I find that whenever I listen to the song whilst watching the video I hate it. The video is awful. But I have been obsessed with this song!
4. Flannel/Plaid Shirts
I'm a country girl through and through so I think my love for plaid is in my DNA. I think they're so easy to wear. They go with any colour of jeans, they can be buttoned up or open over another shirt, tied around your waist etc. I think they're definitely making come back for sure.
5. Essie's Devil's Advocate
I really like the look of dark nails but I'm not a fan of going for a straight black. This nail polish is an extremely dark purple and looks stunning!
6. Red Pepper Flakes
Love me a bit of heat in my food! These red pepper flakes are so convenient- just shake them on to eggs, rice, meat, veggies, etc- and kick up any meal!
7. Folgers Instant Coffee
I know what you're thinking... GROSS! But hear me out. I don't have time to wait for coffee to percolate in the morning, but coffee is a must for me. I went on the hunt for a good instant coffee and came up with Folgers as a winner. It honestly tastes like brewed coffee! No comparison to French Press or anything, but hey, it'll do.
8. Old Churches
We were given an assignment to photograph interior architecture for our portfolio which struck this new love of mine. I really like the way old churches look and the sort of eery vibe they possess. 
9. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz
I can't put this book down. I'm not one for staying up late but there have been quite a few nights that I've been up past midnight reading this novel. It's such an honest and raw book which I really love. I'm about three quarters finished- I'm at that stage where I want to keep reading but I don't at the same time because I don't want the book to end!

Reviewing My February Goals
1. Strengthen my faith: Question my beliefs and ask myself why
I definitely did this throughout February. I think I have really compounded what I believe and what I don't believe. I've focused a lot on the why this past month- why do I believe what I believe? I think I've made so much progress.
2. Love my body: Make time for yoga 3+ times per week
I failed. I did yoga maybe once per week and even that was hard to squeeze in. The teaches of my program revealed that February is the busiest and hardest month in the entirety of my program. I felt it.
3. Explore new creative mediums: Paint something abstract
Not so abstract, but I felt the inspiration and I went with it. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.
4. Find more joy: Stop hiding my true self from others
My friendships have grown so much from my honesty this month. I feel so much closer to the friends I have here and I'm so thankful that they are able to accept me for who I am instead of who I was trying to be.
5. Have an open heart: Accept and love myself
Coming from a small town filled with small minded people, I spent a lot of my life pretending to want the things that I thought I should want. By revealing my true self and receiving nothing but positivity I have found a lot of comfort in who I am. Accepting myself and what I want from life has allowed me to make the decision to complete the second year of my photography studies at the college back home. Ottawa is amazing but I know that my heart lies back home, that's where I belong and I'm very much looking forward to moving back in April.

Setting my March Goals
1. Strengthen my faith: explore spirituality
2. Love my body: don't weigh myself all month
3. Explore new creative mediums: make a sculpture with clay
4. Find more joy: wake up and immediately smile
5. Have an open heart: write mom a thank you letter

I hope you all had a wonderful February and I wish you all well for March! If you're in college or uni... 6 more weeks baby!! :D What have you been loving through February? Do let me know in a comment! Also, always looking for TV series and book suggestions!

Thanks for reading & check back again to see what KatieDidd, xo