Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of the Universe | Review

Oh my gosh.

So good.

Loved it.

Gimme a sec... Need to gather thoughts.
I haven't read a book that I related to so much in a really long time- probably since I read Eat Pray Love in about grade eleven or twelve. The story is about two misfit boys who find each other's company and eventually become best friends. They have their ups and downs of course, but their relationship is so strong and unbreakable. 

The novel is written through the eyes of Ari (Aristotle) and is a really introspective look at who he is, what he feels, and why he feels it. He is such a guarded and complex human being and I really relate to that personality type. He eventually comes to terms with who he is and realizes that there is no shame in being himself. 

It's such a beautiful and tender examination of self worth and identity. It takes such a delicate approach to the human condition and it's truly so touching. As much as I would like to recommend this book to everyone, I also don't want to recommend it to anyone. I want it to be mine and to not have to share it- that's how much I love it.

Bottom line- amazing book. I haven't read a book I was this passionate about in quite some time; read it!

Have you ever been touched by a book? What was it?

Have you read this book? What'd you think?

Please do leave a comment! I'd love to read them. Also feel free to leave any book recommendations for me as I'm now looking for a new one!

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