Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23. Our Christmas Traditions | Blogmas

As a family, we are all quite festive people as well as incredibly habitual. This results in having a plethora of Christmas traditions that we make sure we tick off the list every year! We love doing things as a family, especially around the holidays and these activities always put us in good spirits and bring us so close as a family. Some of these we have already done, and some are yet to come! Here's a list of the Christmas traditions myself and my family have for every year!

1. Decorating the tree/house
2. Gingerbread houses
3. Light hunting
4. Christmas film marathon
5. Lots of baking
6. Christmas Eve dinner at my aunts
7. Wearing our new pjs to bed on Christmas Eve
8. Stockings on Christmas morning
9. Christmas morning brunch
10. Desserts all day and being lazy on Christmas Day

What are some traditions your family has for Christmas time? I'd love to know so please do leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn