Monday, 14 December 2015

14. Best of Vlogmas & Blogmas 2015 | Blogmas

One of my favourite parts of the holiday season is how Christmassy everyone on the internet becomes! I love watching vlogmas videos on YouTube and reading blogmas posts on other people's blogs! Today I thought I'd share with you my favourites of this years vlogmas and blogmas so far!

Tanya Burr
I love Tanya all year round, but something about her Christmas vlogs is so cute to me! She's very festive and her childlike enthusiasm for the season is so infectious. I always have a smile on my face watching her vlogmas videos.
Zoella & MoreZoella
Zoe is really getting into the Christmas spirit by doing daily Christmas themed videos on BOTH her channels! 24 days of Zoella are sit down, pre-recorded videos, where as her second channel is where you'll find her daily vlogs. She's very festive and is great at all things YouTube! I love watching her videos.
Gabriella Lindley
Gabby's so darn cute! She's kind of the Grinch of this festive group as she's not the biggest celebrator of Christmas. That being said she's definitely coming around to it and her vlogs are always guaranteed to give you a smile and a chuckle!
Anna Saccone
I love love love the SacconeJolys channel so when Anna announced she would do vlogmas I was beyond excited! She's definitely one of my all time favourite bloggers/YouTubers so seeing her pop up in my subscription box everyday is such a treat!
Niomi Smart
I think everyone who watches Niomi just loves her! She's not doing daily vlogmas, instead she's doing vlogmas videos three times per week but I still look forward to them just as much! 
Ingrid Nilsen
Ingrid isn't doing vlog style videos for the month, but I included her anyways because her daily DIY videos are something I really look forward to throughout December! I adore her!
Jessica Braun
I've been watching Jessica for ages now- she's fast becoming one of my absolute favourite YouTubers to watch. I've been loving her daily vlogs with her newlywed husband, Tyler. She's got the cutest personality and her spirit is infectious! There's something really wholesome about her that I love.
Samantha Maria
Sammi and Jason are one of my favourite couples that do YouTube (Jason's idea for a channel is the best idea ever am I right?) Their daily vlogs give me such a warm feeling- I love seeing them together!

I've been loving Desire4Beauty's daily Blogmas posts! There's obviously a lot of beauty related Christmas posts but there's lots of other more generic Christmassy posts going up everyday! Been loving reading everyday for sure!
Shannon's unique approach to blogmas has me checking back in everyday! She's writing as if she were doing vlogmas- posting sort of a journal entry everyday about what she got up to in preparation for the holidays. Really enjoying reading her posts everyday as well.
This blog has been another one I've gone back to everyday. The posts are so diverse and written/composed very well. Check this one out as well for sure!
I'm not sure if Lor is actually calling it 'blogmas', however her Christmas themed posts couldn't go unmentioned in this post. I've been a fan of her blog for quite some time now and her festive posts have been some of my favourites this December!

I hope you enjoyed my best of vlogmas/blogmas list! Please do check out everyone I mentioned and if you have any suggestions for me to check out let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn