Monday, 21 December 2015

21. I'll Be Home For Christmas | Blogmas

Being that it's my first time living away from home, it's also my first time flying home for the holidays and boy was it an experience! I arrived at the MacDonald-Cartier International Airport in Ottawa at 9:10am as my flight was scheduled for 10:15am. As I was checking my bag the lady working at the desk (who was quite rude I have to say) informed me that my flight to Toronto was delayed until 12:15pm. She then proceeded to charge me $85 freakin' bucks for an oversized luggage fee because apparently their weight limits changed but the website wasn't updated. 
So little distraught me ended up boarding the plane to Toronto at 12:15pm and landing safe and sound in TO. The girl sitting beside me on the flight was an absolute doll I have to say and even grew up just a little ways away from me back home! What a small world it is. 

Then came the Toronto airport...

"Ladies and gentlemen waiting for flight 687 to Sault Ste. Marie, we're sorry to say your flight has been delayed again due to poor weather conditions."
The Sault was supposed to be having it's first green Christmas since the 90s, which of course broke my heart. It's not Christmas without snow! Well the Lord clearly heard my prayers as he blessed SSM with this lovely snow storm... the day I was meant to fly home! I can't say I was the happiest of campers having spent five hours sitting around an airport. But, I eventually did make it home safe and sound which is really the most important thing at the end of the day!
I really do love flying. There's something about being above the clouds that's so calming to me. The turbulence tugged at my anxiety a little bit, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. Landing in SSM was the best feeling! Hugging my parents- and finally eating food- was amazing!

My first solo travel experience is something I will never forget. It was a learning curve for sure but I'm really proud of myself for keeping my anxiety under control and "putting on my big girl panties" to get through the whole travel experience.

If you're travelling home for Christmas I hope you make it safely with as little delay as possible! Have you ever travelled alone? If you have any tips to make the whole travelling experience less stressful please do let me know!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn