Wednesday, 16 December 2015

16. Ribbons & Bows: Wrapping Gifts! | Blogmas

Everything about gift giving at Christmas time gets me so darn excited!! From the planning to buying the gift to watching someone open it and everything in between- gift giving is a christmas favourite for me! Of course to give a gift, you have to wrap a gift... Now some people really dislike gift wrapping as it can be quite tedious and time consuming. However, I really enjoy it! I love the ribbons and bows and paper and boxes and all that jazz! So for todays blogmas post I thought I'd share my gift wrapping process and a few tips and tricks I've learned along the way!
I always begin by buying everything I'll need for everybody's gifts all at once. I hit up DollarTree (they've actually got amazing stuff) and picked up some cute gift boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags, and bows. I used all the same wrapping paper just because in my family there's so many people that we all wrap our gifts in the same paper to avoid confusion in case any tags fall off. I also really happened to fall in love with this one particular paper this year so it worked out perfectly!
Once the gift is in the box, it's time for wrapping! A tip I learned to get the perfect piece of wrapping paper size wise is to place the box in the bottom corner, roll it over twice and up once. It's always seemed to work for me! For clean edges, make sure your scissors are sharp and don't use cutting motions- instead slide your scissors straight along the paper. Be sure to hold the paper taught!
Now I know I'm not the only person out there who struggles with the end bits. They're super tricky!! a little tip I learned from my mom is to fold down then tuck in. Once the sides are tucked in to get that triangle shape at the end, tape the middle where the two sides of the wrapping paper meet. This will help to avoid those bubbles that tend to appear upon folding the triangle up. I also recommend using the Scotch gift wrapping tape as it doesn't show at all on the paper!
And voila! I used a matte ribbon and a sparkly ribbon to add some contrast to the gift. I really like the way the white bow looks with the tag against the paper and ribbon colours! I have to say though that I much prefer the gold ribbon against this paper. It feels much more warm and Christmassy. I kept the ends of the ribbon on the gold one and curled them tight to the bow which I really quite like! Wrapped gifts just looks so cute! It's almost a shame we have to open them, don't you think?
I did a few just with the gift boxes because they're too cute not to show case- sorry family, I broke the rules ;) 

I'm really happy with how all the gifts turned out- they look so cute! Here's hoping they fare well in the flight home haha. Do you enjoy wrapping gifts? If you have any tips and tricks for gift wrapping do leave them in a comment!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn