Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Day 1: Hello December! + Blogmas | Monthly Goals

November has come and gone and now that December has arrived we are officially entering my favourite three month stretch of the year! December, January, and February are definitely my three favourite months. As November draws to an end I want to review the goals I set for myself as well as set new goals for December!

1. Maintain my GPA at 3.8+ for the second half of the semester
Done and done! My grades are something I'm really proud of this semester and my success thus far is definitely motivating for next semester as well!
2. Get back on track with my fitness routine
I'm so pleased to say I did indeed get back on track fitness wise. I do a little workout every morning and it's a lovely way to start my day. I also try to do another longer and more thorough workout anywhere from 1-4 times per week.
3. Enroll in a Crafting Session at Michael's
Unfortunately did not do. I've been so busy with school and work that this just didn't pan out. Hopefully when I'm home for Christmas I'll be able to enrol in a class.
4. Attend the Weekend Craft Exposé
Again, time did not permit me to go. I had to work the entire weekend that the craft expose was taking place. 
5. Decorate the apartment for Christmas
Did do!! Our tree is up and the fairy lights are hung!
6. Donate to the food bank
I put together a bag of food to bring in and it has literally been sitting on the table for 3 weeks... I know that doesn't help but I've not gotten around to actually bringing it down there. December will definitely see a food bank donation!
7. Only spend money on things I NEED
I would say I accomplished this loosely. I did spent a few dollars here and there on things I didn't need but they weren't on items for myself, I did some of my Christmas shopping already.
8. Make sure I have a meat free day every week
I did follow through with this goal and I'm so glad I did! I feel like most of my days are now meat free and I feel great. 
9. Complete all assignments at least a day in advance
I was able to pull this off surprisingly and it's something I'm going to stick with. There's definitely a reduction in stress when you aren't worried about getting things done last minute. 
10. Relax and try not to feel anxious
The key word here is try haha. I would say that overall I succeeded however there were definitely moments that pushed me very close to a panic attack. 

December Goals
1. Finish the semester with a 3.8+ GPA
2. Finish all Christmas shopping before going home
3. Spend a day with just my mom
4. Write in my journal every day
5. Capture all the images on my Christmas List
6. Have a completely unplugged 48 hours
7. Visit all my grandparents at their homes
8. Build a snowman
9. Catch up on my music downloads
10. Read 3 novels

I hope you enjoyed reading through my monthly goals- I'm very proud of how well I did in my November goals and I hope I can do just as well or better with my December goals! What are your goals for the month?
I also want to let you all know that I WILL be attempting to do Blogmas. That means a new post will be coming your way EVERY DAY of December! *fingers crossed* haha. Hope you are all as excited for the holiday season as I am!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn