Friday, 18 December 2015

18. Gift Guide For Gals (non-beauty) | Blogmas

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers focus on makeup/beauty items when putting together a ladies gift guide, however there are more women in my life don't wear makeup than do. I myself am not a huge makeup fan or beauty guru and most of the women I surround myself with aren't either. Au naturel, my love!

I put together a little list of gift ideas for the ladies in your life that doesn't include makeup/beauty or skincare products. All of these gift ideas are gifts I know I'd like to receive myself and are all things I'd feel comfortable giving to another woman in my life. Enjoy!
A Book
I feel like a book is one of those things you can't go wrong with. Wether it be a cook book, a biography, a self-help guide, or a work of fiction- a book is always a nice gift. A couple books I've bought as gifts this Christmas include Jamie Oliver's EveryDay Super Food, and Let It Snow.
PJs at Christmas are a classic! I picked up these adorable fleece pyjamas for my mom from La Vie En Rose and I just know she's going to love them!
I'm not saying go out to Tiffany's and buy a diamond necklace or anything, but a nice bracelet or earrings are a gift that most ladies would love! You can get some really lovely statement jewelry from H&M and Forever21 or you can go slightly more expensive (but still very affordable) and check out Sears and Nordstrom
Something Homemade
I feel like you can never go wrong with a homemade gift- check out Pinterest for some great ideas! It's always nice to get something really thoughtful that you know had a lot of thought, time, and effort put into it. A diy gift I'm going to be giving out this Christmas to my three cousins and their significant others is a cozy night in basket containing a fuzzy blanket, hot chocolate mix, microwave popcorn packs, a Christmas movie and a few other bits and snacks.
A Photo Print
I think photographs are so special (maybe part of the reason I've chosen photography as a career path haha). I think a photo of any kind is a great idea for a gift- a photo they've taken, a photo you've taken, or a photo print you find at a store- they're all beautiful and a great gift idea. My mom loves this photo so I got it printed and framed for her to go along with her pyjamas!
A Liqueur, Spirit, or Wine
When all else fails (and if your intended receiver drinks alcohol) can't go wrong with booze! When it comes to ladies I tend to stick to coffee based liqueur, fruity cocktail mixers, champagne, wine, etc.

I hope this gift guide will help some of you out who are in my position of buying for ladies who aren't into beauty and makeup! If you have any other ideas please do share them in a comment (I still have a few more people to buy for!!).

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn