Saturday, 19 December 2015

19. Favourite Christmas Films | Blogmas

Something that really puts me into the Christmas spirit is a good holiday film! There are SO many holiday films that I absolutely love so I tried my best to narrow it down. Today I'm going to share with you (in no particular order) my five favourite holiday movies!
For me a good Christmas movie is one that leaves me with that warm feeling of holiday joy. I love a film that can make me laugh but also hit me right in them feels haha. Of course a happy ending is a must for a feel good Christmas film!
Holiday Inn
This is quite an old film- from the 1940s I do believe- but still so amazing! It's not exclusively Christmas, but a great one to watch this time of year none the less!
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
An absolute classic, the Grinch is one of those movies I just have to watch at Christmas time! Unpopular opinion: the Warner Bros original twenty minute short is infinitely better than the newer Jim Carrey version... sorry not sorry haha.
A Charlie Brown Christmas
My mom is a huge peanuts lover and she's passed that down to me. We watch every Charlie brown special for each holiday but the Christmas one has got to be my favourite! It doesn't feel like Christmas until I get to watch Charlie Brown with my mom!
Love Actually
Nothing better than a good rom-com, am I right ladies? I really enjoy the multiple plot lines in this movie and just the feel good Christmas vibe that this film has! It's one that makes you laugh and cry and leaves you with a warm feeling that I just love, especially round Christmas time!
Is it really a complete list of holiday films if Elf isn't mentioned?? I'm a huge Will Ferrell fan and he definitely doesn't disappoint in Elf! It's a must watch.

I hope you enjoy these films and if you have any favourites that I haven't mentioned please do leave them in a comment below!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn