Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Day 9: Fav Holiday Nail Polishes | Blogmas

I'm kind of a confusing specimen when it comes to beauty- I'm very girly and love doing girly things but I'm not huge into makeup or trying new products or anything that beauty gurus love doing. I stick to the things I know and love and don't change my appearance heavily.

One girly thing I really really enjoy doing is painting my nails. I think it's such a simple way to change up your look without changing yourself in a dramatic way. My nail colour is always reminiscent of the time of year, or occasion of the season- I love doing my nails!

As my nail polish collection is quite extensive I decided today I'd share with you all my favourite nail polish colours for the holiday season! I narrowed my choices down to my two favourite nail polish brands- Revlon and Essie- because Lord knows I probably have dupes of each colour from different brand names haha. I love Essie and Revlon so much because the stay power is great, they only require two coats, and the brush applicators are small enough that I don't make a mess.

So without further rambling, enjoy my favourite holiday nail polishes!
Here's a general overview of the colours I tend to reach for this time of year- lots of darker, red tones, neutral tones, sparkles, and holiday themed colours.
From the Revlon line my favourites are:
Description order: top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right
905 Sophisticated: a very cool toned grey, this polish looks great with a matte top coat. Not so much Christmassy, but a really great winter colour in general.
705 Gray Suede: this colour has so many dimensions. It's my favourite nude this time of year because it's a little pink, a little grey, a little taupe... It's a little bit of everything. I feel like this is a great winter nude because it's slightly cooler toned than a lot of other nudes.
660 Divine: I really like a good deep maroon this time of year- this one actually being my favourite out of all the ones I have! It's got sort of a rich chocolate undertone to it with the tiniest little gold sparkles in it that reflect light beautifully. It's a great Christmas/holiday colour- what better time to rock some sparkles than the holidays!?
571 Posh: a Christmas green just had to be included! I like that this green isn't too in your face and it doesn't make my pale/fair hands look sickly like a lot of greens tend to do.
From the Essie line my favourites are:
Description order: clockwise from the darkest tone
Skirting the Issue: this deep plum is a really beautiful polish for the holiday season. It's a lot more of a deep red than it looks in the bottle but still sits on the nail as a beautiful burgundy. 
Bahama Mama: this is one of the Essie polishes I see mentioned most often and rightly so! It's such a beautiful plum/grape colour. It reminds me of mulled berry wine- great colour for the holidays!
Lollipop: a tried a true Christmas red, this polish is perfect for getting you into the Christmas spirit! I love pairing this with gold or green accents.
Ignite the Night: every girl needs a sparkly nail as the holidays come about and this silver/grey sparkle top coat is perfect! I've actually used this on it's own before without a base colour and the opacity is amazing. It took 3 coats but there were no spaces!
Penny Talk: another sparkle polish, this one is a beautiful bronze/gold. It's kind of subdued (more of a shimmer than a true sparkle) so it's not an intense, in your face sort of gold, but I absolutely love it this time of year!
Marshmallow: finally, a white polish has to be included- I love a white nail against the white of the snow. I think it's a great option when you have a very over the top Christmas outfit that would be hard to match otherwise. White is still part of the Christmas colour palette and it's a great little wildcard to keep in your back pocket.

Throughout the holiday season I will definitely be using all of these polishes at one point or another. I will probably also experiment with some holiday inspired nail art, however it will likely turn out quite crappy- my skills are limited to none when it comes with nail art but if anything turns out well I'll be sure to share a photo!

What are your favourite nail colours for the season? Please do let me know in a comment so I can check them out!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn