Friday, 28 August 2015

Lazy Monday, Baby Time + OOTD | Adventure Time

I had a short shift last Monday and so had a lot of free time to just enjoy the sunshine and have a lazy day. I started the day off by painting my nails with Essie's Penny Talk- which I'm LOVING- whilst watching Roman Holiday. Since it was Monday I decided I would seize the opportunity to wear my loungy MUNDAY top from Sheinside. I paired it with my favourite Jeans from Forever 21, my DLG slip-ons and my NineWest purse. My shirt and shoes are both featured in my last haul!
I felt the need to put a little appreciation photo of this purse since 1. it's gorgeous and 2. I'm absolutely smitten with it. It's an authentic NineWest purse that I got from Winners. I only had to pay a third of the price I would have if I bought it direct from NineWest! I love that it can literally go with anything- it can be dressed up and dressed down. The crocodile/snake skin print on it isn't something I'd normally go for, but on this bag I really love it and I think it works.
I'm a big fan of walking; I walk almost every day. I typically walk for fitness, doing 5km and usually ending up in a run. It seems as soon as I have my workout clothes and Nike trainers on I immediately have tonnes of energy! Instead of walking for fitness, I decided to take in my surroundings and walk for peace. I loved the way the street signs looked against the sky! I also noticed some paint on the side walk that I know for a fact has been there for ages but is something I've never really taken the time to actually look at.
I walked by this house with the most beautiful gardens! It is the type of house I can only dream of one day living in- farm style with a big wrap around porch. It turns out that it's up for sale right now, naturally, years before I can even THINK about buying a home.
I finished off my lovely evening by visiting my cousin and her son Tate. I love this kid! He's just over a year now, learning to walk and babbling away. It was so nice to see him- I've been cherishing every moment with him because at his age he's learning, growing and changing so much and so quickly! I just know that he's going to be so grown and changed by the time I come home for Christmas Break!
I love having a good lazy day. I think it's so important to take time for yourself and for the people you love to enjoy life and make memories. I know that my life will most likely span at least 70 years, but my first 20 have already flown by so quickly that I really want to appreciate and enjoy every day that I have left.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to on my loungy Monday. What do you like to do on a lazy day? Please do let me know!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn