Tuesday, 25 August 2015

30 Under 30 | Personal

1. Take a dance class
2. Start a photography business
3. Get one of my photos in a magazine
4. Travel Ireland
5. Fall in love even if it doesn't last
6. Start a family even if that's just getting a dog
7. Learn German
8. Finish the entire Bible
9. Spend a night under the stars
10. Start a retirement fund
11. Learn to make pasta from scratch
12. Buy land/a home
13. Learn to love every inch of my body
14. Spend time off the grid, alone
15. Write more letters
16. Celebrate 10 years alcohol free
17. Read 100 books
18. Start a herb and veg garden
19. Write a book
20. Maintain my blog and let it grow as I do
21. Get a dog and/or cat
22. Relearn piano
23. Find the perfect little black dress
24. Fill a scrapbook
25. Visit NYC at christmas time
26. Fly in a hot air balloon
27. Shoot a black tie wedding
28. Host a dinner party
29. Take a trip with my mom
30. Embrace my age

Do you have a 30 under 30 list? Please do let me know- even if you don't let me know some things that are on your bucket list!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn