Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Exploring: Bellevue Park + New Dog + OOTD | Adventure Time

We have welcomed a new addition into our family- making the human:pets ratio even more unbalanced. Duke is a 20 month old Great Dane with the personality of a teddy bear. He is so adorably cuddly and sweet; he has no idea just how large he really is, trying to climb up onto the couch to get in a snuggle with anyone who will scratch his ears. He is underweight- we got him from a Great Dane rescue facility so his prior life isn't completely known to us- but we are working on putting some meat onto his bones.
We took him for a walk around a local park- Bellevue Park- as he loves to explore new areas, letting his nose guide him. He met a lot of kids who gave him some good head rubs and he also met a little dachshund who licked his feet and tried to play with him. He is the perfect little -big- addition to our family, we all love him so much already. He is the best bike ride buddy for me because he can actually keep up!
My eyes are open, I swear! Hahaha, they look closed because of the shadow from my glasses... 4 eyes probs. I'm throwing in a cheeky little OOTD from this jaunt around the park as I'm loving that the evenings are getting cooler and I can wear more clothes (patiently waiting for fall/winter over here haha). This whole outfit includes pieces from my last haul! My jean jacket is from Dynamite and I am absolutely head over heels for it! My black jeans are from Forever 21, my oatmeal coloured tank is from the H&M basics line. My handbag is also from H&M and my shoes are from Boathouse. 
We came across this tree whilst walking the path through the park and I couldn't resist getting a shot of it. It amazes me how many  shades of green you can capture in just one photo during the summer. Call me a tree hugger if you will, but there are very few things that I appreciate as much as I appreciate nature.
We stopped to watch a little family of ducks live their cute duck lives as the sun began it's descent from the sky. I think exploring your city and learning to appreciate where you live is such a blessing. During high school I remember everyone saying how boring our city was, how there was never anything to do, how we were always bored. Now that I've begun to immerse myself in my city and discover new places I find that I'm rarely bored and I can really appreciate how blessed I am to have grown up in such a beautiful place.

I challenge you to explore your city and learn to love where you live. Wether it's a park, a cafe, a new shop, or a different neighbourhood just start to appreciate where you are in this world. If you can enjoy where you are it's a lot easier to enjoy what you are doing.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn