Sunday, 9 August 2015

16. The Simple Things In Life | 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

I feel like everyone has those little things that instantly make them feel happy or content- simple things. I have made a list of my favourite simple things in life that I am so grateful for. When I experience any of the following 20 things I am immediately uplifted- even if I'm having a bad day these simple things can turn my mood around. I think it's so important to appreciate the simple things in life because you can't control everything. If you can learn to enjoy and appreciate the simple things you will find that your life will be more positive and enjoyable overall.

1. Sleeping in on a rainy day
2. Swimming outside at night
3. Receiving and sending snail mail
4. When shuffle plays all the right songs
5. The first sip of water when you're really thirsty
6. Pull through parking spots
7. The smell of Grandma's house
8. Fuzzy and warm sweaters straight from the dryer
9. Freshly washed sheets
10. Good hair/skin days
11. The feeling after a good workout
12. Lounging in the warm sun
13. A long hug
14. Finding shapes in clouds
15. Finishing a project or task
16. Movie nights in with people I love
17. Wearing my favourite pair of jeans
18. Feeling organized
19. Finishing an amazing novel
20. Making someone smile

I'm really grateful for all these simple things in my life because they help to keep me positive and happy even when the bigger things in my life aren't going completely to plan. What simple things in life do you enjoy?

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn