Friday, 14 August 2015

50 MORE Facts About Me | Personal

1. I hate the feeling of carpet on my feet
2. I love the Simpsons
3. I have to lay my yoga mat out at night or I legitimately forget to workout in the morning, it's not a laziness thing, it's an idiot thing
4. I read... a lot
5. My favourite 'new' artists/bands are Little Mix, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Adele, and Sam Smith
6. My favourite 'old' artists/bands are Elton John, Queen, Billy Joel, and Journey
7. I love doing my nails and finding new nail colours
8. I like making lists and schedules
9. I always sleep on my back
10. I stare at peoples faces because I'm really fascinated by facial features
11. I don't really like Spring and Summer too much
12. I'm a PLL addict- I've seen every episode twice
13. When I'm eating a stir fry or casserole I eat all the vegetables first, then the meat, and finally the pasta
14. I've got awful insomnia but it comes in waves so thankfully it's not every night
15. I don't like showering- I do it, but I don't like it
16. I'm obsessed with Ingrid Nilsen. She was my first YouTube subscription and I watch all of her videos religiously
17. I love socks and slippers
18. I will probably live in NYC before I'm 30
19. I've wanted to dye my hair for ages but I'm a chicken
20. I've recently become OBSESSED with Rookie Blue
21. I want a great dane, a French bull dog, and an Italian greyhound
22. I love thunderstorms and rain storms
23. Cardigans are my favourite clothing piece
24. My favourite actress is Angelina Jolie
25. I love stationary- notebooks, pens, notepads, etc
26. I like watching daily vlogs more than sit down, planned videos on YouTube
27. I like shopping but I hate spending money; I'm a huge bargain hunter
28. Christmas is my favourite time of the year- I look forward to it like crazy and start planning gifts and new baking ideas in the summer
29. October is my favourite month
30. I want to live in the country side on a big piece of land, a cute house, and maybe some farm animals
31. I love hiking
32. When I get hungry I get really grumpy
33. I also get really grumpy when I'm over tired
34. I hate when people touch my food- I'll share if you ask but don't take it off my plate 
35. I like talking on the phone over texting
36. I really like school, always have
37. When I have long hair I want to cut it, when I have short hair I want to grow it out
38. My favourite number is 14
39. I always seem to gravitate toward dark clothes- grey, navy, black, etc
40. My celerity crushes are definitely Jesse Williams, Ben Bass, Jason Segel, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Darren Criss
41. I've started playing a few different instruments in the past but never stuck with them
42. I love interior design; I can't wait to own my own home and decorate it
43. I want to travel Europe, mainly Ireland, England and Scotland
44. My health has always been a struggle for me- I have PCOS, hypoglycaemia, life threatening food allergies, AND autoimmune thyroiditis
45. My style is either very girly or very Tumblr, not much in-between
46. I like the smell of carnivals, the mixture of caramel corn, deep friend foods, and cotton candy!
47. I can't wait for my 30s; I've always looked forward to having a home, a husband, a job, kids, etc
48. I love the way the moon reflects on the water
49. I can't keep plans alive- I once killed a cactus
Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn