Friday, 7 August 2015

Forever 21, Dynamite, La Vie en Rose + more! | Fashion Haul

This is me. No not literally, but figuratively this is me. There aren't many things I love more than a good day of shopping- there's something relaxing about it yet thrilling when you find the perfect item AND it's on sale. If you're a shopping addict like myself then you'll understand, but if not then there is no way you possibly could!

So I did some online shopping from Forever 21 and Sheinside. Then my family took a little weekend trip down to Sudbury where I spent far too much money as they have stores we don't! I hit up La Vie en Rose, Pantorama, Aeropostale, the Apple store, Old Navy, and Dynamite. 

So here's my haul!

Forever 21 $22.90
I ordered this bikini top from Forever 21 because I realized that all my bikinis are bright or patterned and I felt like I just really wanted a black bikini. I adore the in-between the boob area (no clue what that's actually called but I'm sure it has a name hahaha). I have already worn this to the beach and to camp- let me tell you it is the most comfortable bikini top I own! It has a good amount of support which is hard to find in a bandeau bikini top, and it also doesn't feel like it's going to fall down all day which is a huge plus if you're in the itty-bitty-titty-committee like I am!

Forever 21 $9.90
If you've seen any of my fashion posts, you'll know that Forever 21 jeans are my all time favourite EVER! So, I ordered a pair in black (and I already love them).

Sheinside $7.99 each
Cutest shirts ever, am I right!? My first order from Sheinside came in on Thursday and I am not at all disappointed! I'm so excited to get these washed and ready to wear!

Boathouse $39.99
I've always wanted a pair of Vans but can never find a pair that I feel really fit me properly (insert sad face emoji here). When I tried these on at Boathouse I immediately knew that they were perfect- they fit so well and they just feel like they're really well made, good quality shoes.

H&M $15.00
When I saw this bag at H&M I couldn't see the tag but I knew I would buy it. It is the perfect size, in my opinion, and structured enough that you can open the zipper and the sides don't flop down- which annoys the crap out of me. Then I saw the price tag and was absolutely sold!

H&M $7.00
I picked up these little grey flats from H&M as well- they're simple and perfect for an evening out in summer and to transition to fall.

Total $221.80
Brace yourselves... my family and I had a little weekend jaunt down to Sudbury and I came back with a fair few bags!

La Vie en Rose $6.99
I can't go to a La Vie en Rose shop and not purchase a pair of flip flops- I absolutely swear by them. I was drawn to these ones because 1) I love gold and 2) I thought they looked really cool with the contrast of black!

La Vie en Rose $14.99
The next thing I picked up was this cotton pyjama set. I love the plain grey tank top with the patterned bottoms. It's a really perfect set for summer!

La Vie en Rose $37.99
The last thing I picked up is the absolute softest pink bath robe! I have a heavier, fuzzier, fleece bath robe for winter, but I got this one because it's a really light cotton/terry cloth blend that's perfect for summer!

Apple Store $64.99
I picked up this case for my Macbook Pro from the Apple store as I didn't have one yet. I really love the colour of this one- I love the teal and I love that it is translucent so you can still see the laptop itself through it. It was more than I originally planned on spending on a case, but when I was in the store the salesman proved how durable it really is by dropping the Macbook they have on display in the store in this case from my height and it came out completely fine. I couldn't pass up that kind of protection especially for such an expensive laptop!

Pantorama $10.00
I picked up this little black workout top from Pantorama on a sale rack for 75% off! It doesn't show up in the photo, but the sides are mesh which I think is a really interesting detail.

Aeropostale $3.95
I then headed over to Aeropostale- they were having massive sales! I loved this tank as soon as I tried it on. It's a simple white racer back but it has a very slight high-low hemline and it flows out a little bit at the bottom which makes it feel a little dressier and very feminine.

Aeropostale $7.95
I was immediately drawn to the colour of this sweater- it's so pretty! I also love the glitter letters and the light cotton material. It's such a perfect sweater for cooler summer evenings. It also has a really cool open style back!

 Old Navy $6.99
We then hit up Old Navy where I found this adorable workout top! I love the bight pink and the floral accent on the T-bar back.

Dynamite $10.00
I love this simple grey v-neck t-shirt from Dynamite. It's a really good quality cotton that feels amazing against your skin!

Dynamite $10.00
I fell in love with this skirt as soon as I saw it- it's a simple white lace skirt. I'm excited to style this in both dressier and more casual ways!

 Dynamite $40.00
The last purchase I made was the ADORABLE denim jacket. I am obsessed with it! I think it's the perfect light wash for this time of the year. It ends just around the waist so it's not too long but it's also not cropped (which I really didn't want) and it's a light weight denim- perfect for cooler summer nights. I'm smitten.

I hope you enjoyed this haul! I am really happy with all of my purchases as I love everything I bought and I think I will get a lot of wear out of everything.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn