Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January in Review | Monthly Favourites & Goals

*Insert here: stereotypical and cliche statement about how I can't believe January passed so quickly and where has the time gone etc etc etc*. Haha. But in all seriousness, this month definitely has seemingly gone by in the blink of an eye! It was an amazing month for me and I'm so excited to be sharing my favourites, my progress report for my January goals, as well as my new goals for February!

1. Mixing Cereals
I have recently taken to mixing three of my favourite cereals into one bowl instead of choosing which one I want to have on any given day and I have been LOVING it! So much flavour and texture in every bite, plus mixing cereals gives a wider variety of fibre sources. I've been mixing spoon size Post Shredded Wheat, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, and Multi-Grain Cheerios.
2. GoodReads
I love to read, that's not new at all. This month, however, I made a GoodReads account and I've been obsessed! I really like that it recommends new books for me to read, I can read reviews from other people with similar interests, and it keeps track of all the books I've read! If you have a GoodReads account, follow me here!
3. Portraiture
New year, new semester. With that comes portrait class. I really didn't expect to enjoy portraiture as much as I do. I'm finally beginning to feel comfortable in the studio working with the equiptment and the sets. I'm still working on posing models and using different lighting styles but I love everything I've learned so far and I'm excited to learn even more!
4. Pentatonix Album
This album has been everything for me this month music wise! My favourite tracks are Rose Gold, Misbehavin', Cracked, Light In The Hallway, and Take Me Home. If you haven't checked out Pentatonix (especially this album) do it asap!!!
5. Yoga With Adriene
I've been a fan of yoga for quite some time now. When I discovered Adriene's channel this month I immediately fell in love. She's a great instructor and her videos are really easy to follow. Adriene has videos for everyone, from beginners to pros! Check her out here!

Reviewing My January Goals
1. Strengthen my faith: Pray through anxious moments
I feel as though I was very successful in this particular goal! My anxiety levels are not near as high as they were in the past since praying trough my anxiety.
2. Love my body: Reduce added sugar
I can't believe I succeeded in reducing added sugar!! I still add a smidgen to my cup of tea- maybe half a teaspoon or so- but not near as much as a used to! It was surprisingly easy if I'm honest. I wanted to treat myself this past weekend by adding some sugar to my oatmeal as I hadn't all this month and it really tasted quite weird. I guess I didn't like sugar as much as I thought haha!
3. Explore new creative mediums: Knit a scarf
I started it guys! I really did haha! I'm no wear near to finished, however I'm proud of myself for getting good start on it. I'm not a fast knitter by any means but it's something I really enjoy doing!
4. Find more joy: Write down one happy thing per day
I've been quite successful in my journaling this month! I've succeeded in writing down one happy thing per day and furthermore I've also taken the time to journal extensively at least once per week.
5. Have an open heart: Form one new relationship
I have to be honest, when I set this goal I had full intentions of starting a relationship with a guy I had been talking to. That didn't happen... I learned that my family, my hometown, and my dream job are three things I can't sacrifice (no matter how cute and perfect the guy is). There are only so many sacrifices a person can make in this life and I feel like those three sacrifices on top of differing views when it comes to faith would leave me feeling resentful toward him in the long run. Although this relationship didn't form I learned a valuable lesson through the process and I'm proud of myself for going into the idea of a relationship with an open heart. I feel like I still found success in this goal as I rekindled a relationship with an old friend and I think that's just as important as starting new relationships.

Setting My February Goals
1. Strengthen my faith: question my beliefs and ask myself why
2. Love my body: make the time for yoga at least three times per week
3. Explore new creative mediums: paint something abstract
4. Find more joy: stop hiding my true self from others
5. Have an open heart: accept and love myself first

I hope you enjoyed reading through my January favourites! It really has been quite a quickly passing month. I'm so excited to see what the February (and the rest of twenty-sixteen) holds! 

What have you been loving this past month? 

Do you have any goals you've set to accomplish this month?

Please do let me know in a comment! I love reading what others love and dream of. I hope January was amazing to each and every one of you and I wish you the best for February.

Thanks for reading & check back to see what KatieDidd, xo