Tuesday, 16 February 2016

20 Things I Learned Being 20 | Personal

So I turned twenty one two days ago. I'm officially legal drinking age across the entire globe... every birthday after this now is just aging haha. I had such a wonderful birthday! Relaxing, surrounded by the people I love. Yesterday my cousin invited me to go snow machining with him and his girlfriend and her dad on the trails around our city. During the four hours we were out sledding I had some time to really think and reflect on what being twenty taught me. I grew up a lot this past year with moving away and living on my own. I put together a list of the best lessons I've learned this past year; twenty things I learned whilst being twenty.

1. The healthy option is always the better option
2. You can never go wrong by humbling yourself
3. Overdressed isn't a real thing
4. Cooking isn't just a life skill
5. Loving yourself is more important than others loving you
6. Family is number one
7. Nothing beats speaking face to face
8. It's okay to break down
9. Self love is not selfish
10. Free is fabulous
11. Taking time for things you love is necessary
12. Mental health is everything
13. Planning your future isn't crazy
14. There is no such thing as "cool"
15. Live life with an open heart
16. People can surprise you if you let them
17. Be patient and stay the course
18. Your faith will be tested; remain steadfast in your beliefs
19. When you compare yourself to others you always lose
20. Life is beautiful

I'm so grateful to have learned these lessons over this year. I'm excited to see what this next year has in store for me! What is the greatest lesson you've ever learned? Please do let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading & check back to see what KatieDidd, xo