Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Random & Weird Beauty Tips | Top 5

Lately I've been loving doing top 5 posts (you can check out my others if you'd like: MCM & WCW). This time I decided to combine my top 5 with my love for beauty! Today I'm very excited to share with you my top 5 random and weird beauty tips!
By random and weird beauty tips I mean not your conventional "drink water" "wash your face" etc kinda tips. I mean the kinds of things people don't really talk about on a regular basis. So without further ado, here are my top 5 random and weird beauty tips.
1. Moisturize your underarms 
If you're like me and have really sensitive underarms then you'll know the magic that is a moisturizing deodorant- I love mine! However it seems that a moisturizing deodorant just doesn't cut it as the weather gets cooler. My underarms tend to get really sensitive and dry. It has now become part of my post-shower moisturizing routine to moisturize my underarms and I can feel a world of difference!
2. Wash behind your ears
I feel like everyone has heard their moms and their mom's mom say this but it's because it's so applicable. Every night when I apply my moisturizer I bring it down my neck and around behind my ears- it's just my routine now. Well, about a week ago I went to scratch an itch I had behind my ear and I was so disgusted to see that under my nail I had scratched off a buildup of moisturizer and conditioner. It's so easy to forget to wash behind your ears but it's an area that needs that little extra attention. 
3. Carry an emergency pouch
I'm sure most of us have a little case in our handbag that has some emergency essentials in like tampons, but I recommend having an emergency pouch that can handle virtually any emergency. Mine includes things like a pen, Tide-To-Go stick, kleenex, a few squares of toilet paper, Q-Tips, hand sanitizer, and a few other bits and bobs. You can never be over prepared I think!
4. Don't shave everyday
It may be tempting to have smooth, supple legs everyday- especially in the summer. If you can go 3 days in between shaves (and I mean that for all the parts you shave; you know what I mean) then your skin will definitely thank you for it! I have found that I get a better, closer shave with less ingrown hairs and sensitivity with waiting a few days in between shaves. It may not be ideal, but it's definitely worth it! And your body will get used to the natural hair grown cycle. 
5. Let your nails be naked
A little while back I was having problems with my nails peeling and being quite brittle and I really had no idea why- my diet was good, my hands were moisturized well, my nails were filed, buffed, and painted- but they just kept getting weaker. It wasn't until I had a no-makeup day that I realized that maybe my nails, like my skin, needed a break every now and then! For 3 days I left my nails bare and I already saw a difference just in that short period of time. It really does help!

I hope you enjoyed these weird and random beauty tips! If you have any to add DO let me know!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn