Friday, 23 October 2015

Body Fantasies | Product Review

I'm usually quite fussy with scents, typically preferring ones that are more high end as opposed to cheaper perfumes and body mists. That being said, I'm also a massive bargain hunter so I'm quite adventurous with trying cheaper alternatives.

I came across the Body Fantasies line in Wal-Mart and was intrigued by the packaging, the array of scents, and the low low price tag of ONLY ONE DOLLAR!! I started sniffing through the range and picked up the two I enjoyed the most; Cotton Candy and Sweet Pea. 

I must say that my personal preference for perfumes is sweet scents, so if you're more of a fan of sexy, sultry, or spicy scents then you may not like these ones!
When I first smelled Cotton Candy, I was immediately transported to a carnival. It really does smell like cotton candy! What I love most about this scent is that I expected it to smell like pure sugar, which it doesn't. It has really sexy under tones to it that make it quite a sophisticated scent.
Sweet Pea is also quite a sweet scent, but instead of smelling like dessert sweets, it is a floral scent. It's a really beautiful, fresh garden scent with a touch of brown sugar (in my mind). I've been wearing it everyday!

As far as the quality of the products go, for $1.00, they can't be beat. The smells are gorgeous, and the stay power is really good as well! I spritzed Sweet Pea on this morning before class at 7:00am and I can still smell it on myself now at 3:40pm! I really didn't expect the scent to wear so long. Beyond that it wears well too; the scent doesn't get muddy throughout the day.

All in all, I think the Body Fantasy line is fantastic! The packaging is cute, the quality of the product is really impressive, and the price tag just can't be beat!

Have you tried any scents from the Body Fantasy line? If so, let me know how you got on with them! Are there any scents you think I should try out- I'm always up for a good perfume!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn