Sunday, 18 October 2015

26. Someone You Got To Meet | 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

The first person who came to my mind when thinking of something I'm very grateful I got to meet is Brandon. Brandon did the photographs for both of my cousins weddings; he truly inspired me with his photographs and is my main inspiration for becoming a photographer. I wouldn't have found my passion if it weren't for him and I am so extremely grateful that the Lord sent him into my life when he did. He is such a kind hearted man, actually taking the time out of his schedule and away from his family to teach me the basics of photography (for free I may add) so I wouldn't go away to school knowing nothing. The knowledge he gave me has helped me so much here and seeing his work online continues to inspire me. I am so grateful to have met him and I'm even more grateful that I can now consider him a mentor and a friend. I can't wait for the day he can take my wedding pictures because his work is absolutely stunning.
Both photos above belong exclusively to Brandon. 

I highly recommend checking out both links to Brandon's work- he is a truly gifted photographer.

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn