Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Photography Equiptment and Accessories | Wish List

Now that I've been in the Photography program at Algonquin college for 2 months (where is the time going!?) I have come across a lot of new equiptment and tools that I have really fallen in love with. Some are things I would consider necessities, some are for aesthetics, some I just really want. I've created this wish list of my top 10 photography related wants. As part of the blogging community, I feel we are all at least a little bit interested in photography, so I thought I'd share the list with everyone!

I organized this list from least-most expensive. By the end the prices are really quite high and things I can't afford at this point in my life. I do plan to cross every one of these items off my list eventually as I do feel that they will really help me in my profession. 

Enjoy drooling with me over amazing photography gear!
I have fallen in love with the magic that is a polarizer. I love the way it condenses the light, gets rid of those nasty glares on water and windows, and I especially love the way it allows the sky to look truly blue instead of washed out. 
It's definitely not necessary, but there's something about seeing people with camera straps, reflecting their personality and style that makes me really happy. As artists, shouldn't everything reflect ourselves? That's my justification to spend $25.00 on something that I don't need anyways haha.
As much as I love freelance work and doing creative shoots, I also really enjoy precise and calculated photography as well; architecture, commercial still life etc. These little bubble levels are so handy to make sure that everything is lining up perfectly. Of course most tripods do have levels however, when it comes to uneven terrain these little bubble levels ensure that your focal plane is level with your subject- genius!
I really love the idea of doing natural habitat wildlife photography, especially at night. A flash wire trigger set is pretty well a must to get the shots!
We use these at school all the time and they're so freakin' handy! Using a light meter takes the guess work out of judging proper exposures. Did you know that James Nachtwey always brings this exact light meter with him for all the work he does?
We discussed the whole idea of trip wires and flash photography in class and I fell in love with the idea of external flashes. I really really want one!!
An external battery grip is one of those things that I don't necessarily want as much as know I should purchase. I know it will benefit me in the long run, but to spend $300.00 on something so boring kinda sucks haha... Oh well, life of a photographer!
I'm a prime girl through and through. I understand zoom lenses have their purpose and I can appreciate a good zoom lens. That being said, prime lenses will always be my first choice- the image quality is incomparable. 
Now that mirrorless cameras quality has improved ten-fold, they're becoming increasingly popular in the professional realm of photography. This little guy has an 18.4MP CMOS sensor with a maximum ISO setting of 12800! It's photo output is virtually indistinguishable from DSLR, and in such a little, portable, light weight, and convenient shell- what more can you ask for?
I love my MacBook Pro, I do. But now that we've been doing photo editing dual screen with the 27" iMac, I know it's something I definitely want to invest in before I open my own photography business. Having a larger screen makes using photoshop infinitely easier and faster. I think a large desktop is a must have for anyone serious about photography.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my photography wish list! Is there anything you think I should add to it? Please do let me know!!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn