Tuesday, 12 January 2016

How I Got Regular | Top 5 Tips

Yes, you read that right... I'm writing about how I got regular. I'm assuming if you clicked on this that you either 1. struggle with your own regularity or 2. just love my blog so much that you couldn't NOT read my post. Since I highly doubt it's the second option let me start off by saying being irregular isn't fun. The cramping, bloating, lack of energy, and general uncomfortable feeling are just of a few of the unpleasant effects of being irregular.

I didn't realize how common irregularity amongst women is until recently. I was watching a vlog by Anna Saccone where she mentioned that she struggled with her regularity and so sought out the advice of her friend, trainer, nutritionist and fellow YouTuber, Lucy for some tips. Shortly after watching this vlog I had a friend mention to me that she was tired of having cramps caused by constipation. Seeing how I was experiencing the same problem we began doing research, comparing notes, and sharing tips with each other. 

During my research I found quite a few websites that were really helpful:

After all this research I began my journey to regularity and came out quite successful (TMI? Probably haha). These five tips really helped me and I hope by sharing them with you today some of you will be able to find more regularity as well.
1. Morning Tea
Every morning I now start my day with a hot cup of tea instead of a cold cup of water like I had done previously. The warmth of the drink helps to loosen everything up (check the links for the science behind it). I usually have a peppermint tea as peppermint has great benefits for the digestive system.
2. Diverse Sources of Fibre
Getting enough fibre in your diet is easy, but if you're eating all the same fibrous sources you may not be achieving the results you desire. Try having a wide variety of whole grains and green, leafy vegetables. A salad and a bowl of high fibre cereal every day (Shredded Wheat, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Multi-Grain Cheerios, Weetabix etc.) have proven to be easy, delicious, and effective ways of getting enough fibre in my diet.
3. Get Moving
I'm a big fan of working out- I love the way it makes me feel. However if you're constantly doing toning and muscle building your body will become quite tight. I recommend walking everyday (or most days) for at least twenty minutes to get things moving. I have also found yoga to be a great way of keeping things loose and moving.
4. Change it Up
As a college student, I fell into the trap of eating a lot of the same foods over and over again. They weren't unhealthy foods by any means, but your body needs a diverse selection of foods to keep digestion successful.
5. Drink 2L of Water Every Day
There are infinite benefits of consuming 2L of water per day and regularity is on that list. To help keep track of water consumption I bought a water bottle that I refill three to four times per day. There is a convenient counter dial on the top of the lid which helps me to keep track of how many bottles per day I'm drinking. This makes it a lot easier to keep up with my water intake rather than having a glass here or there.

We all poop, there's no way around it. Let's abolish the awkward vibes around the topic of what happens (or doesn't) in the bathroom and have an open discussion about our regularity! All comments are very welcome.

Thanks for reading & check back to see what KatieDidd xo.