Friday, 15 January 2016

Everyday Hair Routine & NUME Tools | Product Review

I recently took the plunge and treated myself to a new straightener and curling wand- my goodness what a great decision! I didn't realize how bad my old hair tools were until I got new ones haha. I bought the twenty five millimetre titanium curling wand and the one inch ceramic straightener and I'm obsessed with them both!
This was my hair curled with the wand. I made the curls loose and soft on purpose- using the wand made it so easy to achieve these results. I found the wand super easy to use as well as super quick and efficient. I only had to hold my hair on the wand for about three seconds and the curl was already formed. I set the wand to three hundred seventy degrees Fahrenheit which worked really well for my hair despite how thick it is. With my old wand I'd have to crank it right up to four hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit to get the same curls.

The only gripe I have about this wand is that the temperature adjustment buttons are quite sensitive to touch which makes it really easy to accidentally bring the temperature up or down when using the wand. This definitely isn't enough for me to completely write this wand off- I LOVE IT. It was well worth the investment and I'd recommend it to absolutely anyone!
I tried using the straightener as well to curl my hair (I'm not much for straight hair but I do love the look I get when I curl with a straightener) and the above photo was the results I achieved. The straightener is amazing! I may even like it better than the wand thanks to it's versatility. I feel I can get more looks from the straightener than I can from the wand but I highly recommend both.

The downside to the straightener? I really only found one! That downside being that the temperature adjustment is done by a dial as opposed to a digital adjustment. This makes a precise temperature setting quite difficult. Beside that, the plates are ceramic which is amazing, the hand grip is the perfect size for my hands, and the one inch width is great for my hair length.

Over all I absolutely LOVE the NUME tools that I bought- great purchase for sure. I would highly recommend NUME hair tools if you're looking to upgrade from your current tools or you're in need of new ones!

I also did a video review of the wand if you want to check it out!

Have you tried any NUME tools? What'd you think?

Thanks for reading & check back to see what KatieDidd, xo