Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Chatty Tuesday | April 21, 2015

What's on my iPhone?

So this is a thing right, seeing what's on other peoples phones? I know personally that I am super nosey and I watch these videos on YouTube like crazy because I love to see what apps people have on their phone (maybe I'm just super weird).
I have the white and rose gold iPhone 6 and I absolutely love it. I can't think of one thing I don't like about this phone to be completely honest. My background is a picture I found on Tumblr. I just think it's so pretty with the colours and the sparkle, plus I'm a huge Disney fan.

So this is what my iPhone looks like when I unlock it. I leave most of the things that come on the phone where they are and organize the things I choose to put on it myself. Out of the apps that come on the phone I use calendar, photos, camera, weather, maps, notes, iTunes store, App Store, Podcasts and FaceTime. I switched out the Safari app for the Google app as I just much prefer it.
As you can see, I don't keep up well with my notifications. Thanks to the quick view feature for notifications, I don't open my messages if I don't need to reply. I do, however, check my e-mail on a very frequent basis.

The first folder I have is what I call "Money Stuff". I have my banking app, my phone bill app and two apps I use to shop. Wish is the best app ever; it's just a bunch of extremely discounted things from fashion to beauty to home decor. I have the Amazon app as well which I think most people are already familiar with.

In my extras folder I put the things I don't use so that I can fit the folders I need on my home screen (I have a weird OCD complex about having everything on one page). The apps I use in the extras folder are NIV Bible and Podcasts (I listen to The Village Church sermons every week). I also use the FaceTime app to keep in touch with friends and family out of town. There is a second page to this folder where I have the apple watch app and the safari app.

In my photography folder I have all the apps I use in conjunction with my camera and photos. I do all my Instagram editing on InstaSize (it has filters, stickers, overlays, etc and it's all free!). I have iMovie because I have recently been playing around with it, toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel. Crazy Heliumbooth is probably the most entertaining app ever. You choose from different visual effects and voice alterations to create a video up to 30 seconds long. My friend and I love to send each other videos we have made on this app as they are absolutely hilarious. The only time I use Photoblur is when there is someone in a photograph that I don't have permission from to post on social media.

My games folder is fairly barren and that is only because I am so addicted to these three games that I don't care to have any others. Hill Climb was my original addiction but now that I've maxed everything out it isn't quite as fun. If I am on my phone there is a 90% chance I'm playing Clash of Clans... it's bad guys. The game 1010! is one my dad and I discovered and now we play only to try and keep beating each others high score.

My health folder is probably my most used (nope not my social media folder). GoodGuide is an app that allows you to search for a product or scan an items bar code and it provides you with the ingredients, the health facts and an overall score of how "good" the product is. I have a meditation app that just times 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes. I've been meditating for about 5 months now daily and I'm still only at 15 minutes but I'm hoping to be at 30 minutes a day by the end of the year. iDrated is my water app. For some reason I never feel thirsty and so I downloaded this app to make sure that I get enough water every day. Whenever I have a drink I track it on the app and if I go too long without having a drink the app will remind me that I need to stay hydrated! Health is one of those apps that come with the iPhone. I have my allergy information on the app so that if an emergency presents itself anyone can access that information from my lock screen. The last app I have is DailyYoga which is pretty self explanatory. I like this yoga app over others I have had in the past because not only does it show you poses and sequences, you can choose to target a specific portion of your body if you're feeling pain and you can choose the duration of the session if you're on a time crunch.

My last folder is social. I use the Facebook app to keep in touch with family and friends as well as the messenger app to send messages on an almost daily basis to those who live out of town. I love my Tumblr (Follow Me!) so much as I think it's one of those social medias that is suitable for anyone. Twitter (Follow Me!) is probably the app that I use most for browsing and less for using myself. I love to go through and favourite tweets and screen shot ones I like, but I'm not clever nor concise enough to be able to put a coherent thought into 140 characters. Instagram (Follow Me!) is by far one of my favourite social media platforms. I love looking at other peoples photos as well as sharing my own. Snapchat is one of those things I got just because everyone was telling me to, I never really got on the band wagon and I don't really use it too much. I use YouTube to watch my daily subscriptions and for if I open a video through another platform I don't have to have the video open on Safari. I think Pinterest (Follow Me!) is one of my favourite things ever! I love being able to find whatever I want for whatever I want. There's so many amazing things I have discovered all thanks to Pinterest. Lastly I have the Bloglovin' app (Follow Me!). I really love Bloglovin' for its convenience in reading blog posts and for finding new blogs to follow!

So that's all that's on my iPhone! I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to comment some other apps I should check out!

Thanks for reading, xo, Katelyn