Tuesday, 31 May 2016

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things! | May Favourites

No joke guys... I legitimately typed March favourites whilst writing this. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE???

This month has been so busy between organizing my life being back home and getting into the swing of things work-wise.

1. Barilla Gluten Free Pasta
Having been diagnosed with celiac disease, I have been trying to find gluten free options to try. I have found that a lot of gluten free pastas can be quite starchy and just not really the pasta eating experience I'm used to. I love that this gluten free pasta is a blend of rice and corn flours. I have found, when it comes to gluten free, flour blends make a better product than one chosen flour. Once I discovered Barilla's gluten free pasta, I stopped missing regular flour pastas- it's really no different!
2. Homemade Gluten Free Pizza
When the celiac disease diagnosis came about, the first thing I that crossed my mind was that I needed to find a good pizza recipe. I shared the recipe in a previous blog post so I won't go into detail about it again here. My favourite toppings for my pizza have been bacon, asparagus, broccoli, and sweet corn... yummy!! 

3. e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner
Again, I mentioned this product in a previous blog post so I'm not going to talk about it again. I really love this eyeliner so much! I've never found a liquid eyeliner that I really liked so when I bought this one on a whim my expectations were set quite low. However I absolutely love this product!

4. Ladies Who Lunch Podcast
I think these two ladies (and their occasional guests) have such amazing thoughts and I love listening to their opinions. They cover some really intense topics and have a beautiful way of discussing the hard parts of life.
5. Grey's Anatomy
There's nothing to say other than I started watching from Season 1... Again...
6. My YouTube Channel
I started daily vlogging and I LOVE it! It would mean the absolute world to me if you all would check it out.

7. My Brother's Birthday Cake
Back at the beginning of May, my little brother turned 16! He asked me if I would make him a birthday cake, which I excitedly agreed to. He then expressed to me that he wanted a Minion cake... oh boy haha. I hate to toot my own horn but, this is not a bad job by any means haha. Watching people cut into this cake and eat it broke my heart a little bit to be honest!
8. Lilacs
I'm not a huge fan of flowers, but there's something about lilacs that I absolutely love! They are so beautiful and fragrant. I love walking by lilac bushes and taking a deep breath. Lilacs are the ultimate proof to me that summer is on it's way!
9. This Shirt
Not much to say other than I got it at Urban Planet and I love it!
10. Colouring
I'm sure I mentioned adult colouring books in a favourites post before but I feel like I need to mention them again as May saw a fair few finished colouring pages.
11. Quotes Photos
I tend to find solace in quotes. I think they can change your mood if you let them so I always keep quite a bit of photo quotes saved on my phone. These are just a few of them!

12. Graduation Photoshoot
I was hired for my first paying, professional photography gig. It was such an amazing experience! The photos turned out amazing too. I'm so happy with how everything went!
13. Boardwalk Stroll
I was reunited with Paul and it felt so good! Paul is one of my best friends. Our life paths seem to be harmonious as he also moved to Ottawa and now back to the Sault. We took a lovely walk at sunset down the boardwalk for about an hour... there were no quiet moments! It's nice to have those friends where you can just pick up where you left off no matter how long it's been.
14. Motorcycle Rides
Dad bought a motorcycle and I'm sure I was just as excited as he was haha. There's something about a motorcycle ride that makes me so happy!! I can't wait for the next one.
15. Swimming at Sunset
This entire day- Papa's birthday party- is a favourite of mine for the month of May. It's so lovely to be home and be able to attend family parties in person- no more Skyping in for this girl! We ended the day by jumping into the freezing cold lake at sunset! What a way to welcome summer!

1. Strengthen My Faith: mindful meditation 15 min on Sundays
I began meditating this month and I really enjoy the way it makes me feel. I was having trouble controlling my mind and so I downloaded the guided mediation app called Calm. It has made a huge difference in the success of my mediation sessions. I highly recommend it.
2. Love My Body: start running again
Not only do I love running itself, but I also love being outside and finding new and beautiful places. I think running is making a huge difference in my day-to-do happiness and in my self love.
3. Explore New Mediums of Creativity: write something just for me
This was such a therapeutic experience. I actually wrote two things- a personal essay and a poem. 
4. Find More Joy: enjoy being home
I have enjoyed being home to no end! Spending time with the people I love in the place I love has been such an amazing blessing.
5. Have an Open Heart: reconnect
I've been able to spend time with all my favourite people- both friends and family. It's been amazing to reconnect with all the people that I've been away from for so long.

1. Strengthen my faith: find a comfortable way to pray
2. Love my body: start building muscle mass
3. Explore new creative mediums: build a photo frame
4. Find more joy: discover a new hobby
5. Have an open heart: recognize the needs of others
All in all, May was an amazing month and it is giving me nothing but positive vibes heading into June.

What have you loved this month? Do let me know!

Thanks for reading & check back again to see what KatieDidd, xo