Friday, 27 May 2016

Nice Things Fund! | DIY

I love money and I love DIY projects so combining the two was right up my street! I made myself a savings jar to hold loose change as well as 10% of each of my paycheques. By the end of the summer I'm sure the cash will add up and I will be able to treat myself to some nice things!
 Today I wanted to share how I made this adorable money jar- what I used and the steps I took to make the final product. 
For supplies, I used:

- A Mason Jar
- Acrylic Paint (colour of your choice)
- Paint Brushes
- Painting Sponge
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Lace Applique
- Clear Crafting Glue
- Card Stock
- Hot Glue
- Scissors
- Letter Stickers
- Any other little decor items you wish!
The process I used to complete this project was relatively straight forward:

1. Wash and dry Mason jar. Make sure it's bone dry!
2. Paint jar how you like it. I painted my jar completely white. I had to do two coats and then I let it dry for about three hours before painting the lace detailing in the coral colour. I also painted the lid ring coral!
3. Let the paint dry for 24 hours
4. Cut a circle out of card stock to top the jar. Remember to make a slit opening in the top so you can drop in your money!
5. Place the letter stickers (if you want) on the jar
6. Cover the entire jar with the clear crafting glue. I used Martha Stewart's decoupage glue. I ended up doing two coats of this just to make sure everything was sealed well
7. Hot glue the card stock circle into the top of the lid and screw onto jar 
8. Add any little decorative items you wish
9. Let the crafting glue dry for at least 12 hours. I left mine for 24 hours
10. Fill with cash & treat yourself!!
I absolutely love this little jar! I find that adding 10% of each paycheque adds up so quickly! It's nice to put the money in this jar and just sort of forget it's there. I'm someone who sees extra money in the bank and spends it on silly little things. This jar keeps the money out of sight and therefore out of mind which helps me to save!

If you make a money jar let me know! Send me pictures!!
If you have any money savings tips do let me know- I need them haha!

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