Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Edit: Kardashian Street Style | Get the Look

I have a few guilty pleasures in this life... The Kardashians being one of those. Beyond being a hilarious, close knit family, their style is unreal! 
I have chosen three of my favourite Kardashian looks- one from each of the sisters and have recreated them. I took inspiration from the sisters, sifted through my own wardrobe and put together an outfit inspired by each look.
I love this look on Khloe! She pulls off the badass-lumberjack-chiq look like no one else! 
Somehow I don't own a single plain white shirt... go figure haha. But I thought the pale sky blue of the one I went for did the trick! I'm wearing a t-shirt from H&M, a TNA flannel from Aritzia and denim shorts from Winners. My work boots are from Mark's Work Warehouse. Instead of a headscarf, like Khloé wore, I went for sunglasses- more summery in my opinion! I finished off the look with a Khloé inspired flashy watch. 
Leave it to Kim Kardashian to always look effortlessly flawless, even just walking down a dirty sidewalk.
I'm not much of a heels girl, so I went for some cute rhinestoned sandals instead. My black mini is from Garage as well as the belt. The tank top and denim jacket both come from Dynamite. Accessory-wise, the black tote bag is from H&M and the aviators were picked up at Sunglasses Hut. I really love this look and was surprised by how different it made me feel in comparison to the look inspired by Khloé. I completely took on the confidence of Kim and embraced her sexy style! This look is a game changer for me.
Last, but certainly not least, is Kourtney. I think Kourt is always so glamorous and stunning! I wanted to choose a look of hers that I would consider her 'signature' street style. Simple, feminine, and sexy.
I loved Kourtney's pairing of a light crop top and darker wash, high rise jeans. My crop top is from H&M and the jeans come from American Eagle. Unfortunately I couldn't find a photo with the shoes Kourtney wore with this outfit. However, I've noticed her rocking white shoes a lot so I threw on my white Keds. I really love this look- I felt feminine, dainty, and pretty!

I hope you enjoyed this get the look post! Let me know whose style I should steal next!

Keep your eyes open for the Jenner edition!

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