Sunday, 17 April 2016

52. Did This Challenge Change You? | 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

I can't believe it's been an entire year since I started this challenge! It's been so enlightening and self-actualizing to take the time every Sunday morning to reflect on an aspect of my life and express gratitude toward it.

I definitely feel as though this challenge has changed me. I found that I am grateful for aspects of my life that I don't normally express gratitude toward. My relationships have benefited greatly thanks to this challenge. I've realized how important all my friends and family are to me and I've been making a more conscious effort to tell them and to thank them for the role they play in my life.

Finding gratitude in every aspect in my life has allowed me to be a generally happier person. I realize how blessed I am- there is always something to be grateful for. 

I've become a lot more mindful throughout this process. I'm aware of all the amazing things in my life and how they make me feel. I have allowed myself to feel everything and have validated every emotion along the way. 

This challenge has had nothing but positive effects on my life and I would highly suggest everyone try it! It doesn't need to be on a public blog or anything. It can be in a little notebook or even just a mental process where you devote some time one day per week to reflect on that weeks topic of gratitude. I hope all of you will try this challenge. 

Today I'm grateful for the beautiful weather we are having! It's supposed to get up to 20 degrees Celsius today so my friends and I are heading downtown to take some pictures! 

What are you grateful for today? Let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading & check back again to see what KatieDidd, xo